Years of experience ensures you optimum images. Don’t risk this work to the inexperienced!




Drones allow closer proximity than a helicopters and can be very versatile!

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Whether you are in a sterile location or a downright dirty workspace, we can make your company shine.



We take pride in being efficient with your crew and talent’s time while still getting the images you need.



Whether you have a corporate hotel function, or outdoor public event William is equally comfortable and keeping everyone at ease.

William takes pride in ensuring your images will represent your event as “THE place to be.”



This was a full studio set up arranged in a morning for the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (5 lights!)



William is in the centre of Vancouver in the Mount Pleasant area. Get in touch for address and directions please.



On location or studio we can help you show yourself in the best light possible.



High Pressure, little time.



Album covers and promotional images.



Extensive experience in both veterinary world and medical – from surgeries to patient care.



Massive images and mural installs can be cumbersome, but the results are pretty exhilarating. (subscribe to William Jans YouTube channel for more wow stuff)



William spent years photographing some of the largest shopping malls throughout western Canada (and Ontario) and still does that kind of work along with many other buildings (interior and exterior)



  1. Yesterday I came across a Bill Jans original hanging in my daughter’s bedroom. It’s the photo of the “vinyl multicolour” or album as they said in 1984.She thought that is was one of her father’s photo’s. This promted me to go to the computer and google you. I always knew you had a great talent and love for photograghy and that you would one day be famous. I can’t remember the band’s name that put out the album. But it sure looks cool in her bedroom. If you are ever in orange county california look us up. I am the only tinnion in the book. email cattinnion@gmail.com

    • wow hi there! how wonderful. Nice to hear from you! I hope all is well for you… how old are you children? Congrats on that. Wow I bet I will be surprised when I hear ages since it will make me realize how much time has passed!

      The album was Split Enz True Colours as I recall. Very cool and I have great memories of those times.

      I have been lucky that photography has been pretty cool overall. As I guess you saw, I do shows now about absurd travels too. Good fun and they have proved popular 🙂

      Send a photo if you can it would be fun to see your clan! I hope all is grand down there in California 🙂

      Wishing you a super day from rainy Vancouver
      William Jans

  2. Hello WJ:
    I love your photos they have great colors, magic moments, smiles, they talk, they can tell a story.
    Your shows are wonderful.


    • How very kind Aurora. Thanks so much. That means a lot at this moment as I am working 17 hours a day on the “Off the Wall in China” Premiere (I always build the shows to deadline, or I would never get them done). Your comment really helps push me along! Thanks.

  3. Brenda Schneider

    I just finished watching your segment on Global and really enjoyed your beautiful photos. I’ve been to China twice including Sian and the Great Wall so I was especially intrigued with those pictures. I hope I win tickets to your show but if not I guess I’ll have to buy them because I intend to see it.
    Looking forward to a great evening

  4. Robert Lea

    I just had the opportunity to attend your “Off The Wall” show in Courtenay. Wow! Well done, a pure delight. Inspiring in so many ways.
    Thanks again. I’ll be watching for more from now on. Best Wishes
    Robert (Courtenay, B.C)

  5. Meghan Fitz-James

    I wanted to express my appreciation for your immaculate multi-media storytelling, and the way you embody the spirit of open-mindedness, fun and engaged sharing during your adventures. Your shows have left me that left me better educated, and reminded me of the truth that we take our culture with us as we visit other ones, and can always share of ourselves. Thanks for sharing the gift of travel.

  6. I attended your show on trekking China and the Philippines last week in Vancouver. Your energy, enthusiasm and incredible talent is infectious. Thank you for sharing your life experiences in the way that you do. Not only are you an excellent photographer your are an inspiration!
    I am a full time travel photographer and will be pleased to refer my local corporate and event clients to you when I am away. Cheers! …David Smith

  7. Angelina

    Did you get to meet Shriekback at the concert?

    • Yes! Where you there as well? Have we met? I thought they were real gentlemen and it was wonderful to meet them all. I was (and am a big fan). I wonder if you were at that show too?

  8. Chris hopkins

    Great shots!! Take a few over the south lands in Tswwassen

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