This is my favourite business card! I just love the size of this error! With so few words it is amazing to have a typo! And, to misspell a word so common as this is hilarious. It would be like writing a book called “My Trip to Idnia”


  1. Hi William!!

    Not only do we forgive the typos we see when we travel throughout Asia but we find them to be quite charming.

    The same cannot be said here in Canada. But, this typo seems to be working an an unintentional marketing ploy! Now I know about Cambie Bubble Tea House 🙂 It might be the only business in a country called Canaad! lol

    BTW: What bubble tea house does so much business that we need to know what country it is in 🙂


    • Hi David, I am sorry to say the business is closed… I had that card in my desk forever. saved it since i liked it so much.

      Cheers and have a great day!

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