This is one of the main reasons I went to China… There are two really challenging pathways in mountains that I heard of about 6 years ago. One in Spain called Camino Del Rey, and this one in Hua Shan in China. I had such a grand adventure here and will have quite a story to tell in the show… meanwhile here are images of this amazing mountain.

West Peak. The most high traffic area of the mountain (15000 per day going up this!?) *but by tram… the cheesy easy way.
The scetchy part you can opt to do. Some less comfy on this…
And some just a bit too foolhardy (thats me!)
1600 meters down likely.
Lovely view.
South Peak
You may have seen a spam email that talks about free restaurant if you hike there… well…
This is the restaurant at West Peak (photographed from a challenging spot outside of the fence) and I can assure you it is certainly not free. It turns out I ran out of money and had to be shrewd for accomodation (see below)
Normal room costs here were $160 plus per night. I simply didnt have it. I only had $70 Kwai… and the folks here took it all to let me sleep in an attic. I guess I am lucky. That meant hiking all the way down next day with no money for food. What an adventure. More about this in the show when it is ready. Please make sure you are on the email notification list (register at

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