I had a very cool experience on Wednesday in starting to shoot some extensive progress reports of a massive construction job. I need to get various high up vantage points and one ended up being on the ROOF of a FIVE STORY FREEZER UNIT!!! Wow. I guess it makes sense but I never thought they would chill the WHOLE building. Even the elevators have icicles in them. So VERY COOL – LITERALLY 😉

No wonder they suggested I bundle up to get to the roof. I may have tested my frosticles!

Yep it is COLD! No mice here I am sure.

Icicles all over the place.

My super friendly escort Cam to find the roof access has worked here for thirty years.

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  1. Meghan Fitz-James

    Cool for sure. Frosticles….funny, I will have to remember that word.

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