EDMONTON SHOWS 2012 (Off the Wall in China)

This wild show takes you to the Philippines and China and adventures include Sleeping on the Great Wall (illegal but very cool), Treacherous mountain hikes, witnessing the Crucifixion festival North of Manila, Volcano climbs and running the Great Wall Marathon. Weird and wonderful stories including more impossible coincidences. There have been over 15 sold out shows (some with over 850 people per night). Come see what the fuss is about.


A wonderfully edited 3 minute spot by Adam Sawatsky at CTV Victoria. May 8, 2012.

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(Global TV Vancouver)

“So Beautiful!”

(Georgia Straight)

“A Blast! Lots of Laughs!”

(Westworld Magazine)

“A fantastic Journey! Humorous stories, stunning photos… a great way to spend an evening. A fun filled experience for all.”

(Nanaimo News Bulletin)


Shaw TV’s THE RUSH from Feb 6, 2013



“Jaw dropping! Hanging over the walkway..OMG!!, Your shows always marry video and photos wonderfully!” (Gabe Levesque, Victoria, BC)

“FANTASTIC! Very well paced! He brings people on a journey they normally would not go on!” (GLOBAL TV, Vancouver)

“I wanted to express my appreciation for your immaculate multi-media storytelling, and the way you embody the spirit of open-mindedness, fun and engaged sharing during your adventures. Your shows have left me that left me better educated, and reminded me of the truth that we take our culture with us as we visit other ones, and can always share of ourselves. Thanks for sharing the gift of travel.” (Meghan Fitz-James, Vancouver)

“My face is sore from laughing – Great show! Well worth the drive back to Chilliwack!” (Cheryl Atkins Maycock, Chilliwack, BC)

“We were blown away by your OFF THE WALL show. It was a riveting 2 1/4 hours! It felt like we were there, in the thick of it, without any of the discomforts that you endured on a daily basis. Two things – I loved that it was an educational show, but mostly I loved the way you interacted with those around you – bringing fun and the joy of life to all those you meet. I found the story of the 3 sisters with the cataracts very touching. Good luck with the rest of your shows and TV opportunities” (Kim, John, Tessa and Kate Hamilton, North Vancouver)

“I just had the opportunity to attend your “Off The Wall” show in Courtenay. Wow! Well done, a pure delight. Inspiring in so many ways. Thanks again. I’ll be watching for more from now on. Best Wishes” Robert (Courtenay, B.C)

“I flew in from Edmonton at 5 pm and was at your Vancouver show by 7:30 pm! Love the show! This is the second one of yours I have seen. FABULOUS AND INSPIRATIONAL! Would love to do the tour to China with you if I thought I could handle it.” (Steve Thompson, Edmonton)

“Thank you very much for an awesome show last night! It was my first time going to your Live Show, and I enjoyed your stories and pictures from Philippines and China very much. It made me feel like I was actually going through the trip and I could feel the warmth of the people you met through your journey! At the end of the show, you mentioned that you will be taking some people to “sleep on the Great Wall” I am very interested about this idea. I was wondering if you could provide me some more information regarding this. For example, when are you planning to make your trip? Thank you very much for your time! 谢谢!” (Shasha Wang, Vancouver)

Global TV Spot 2012

“My wife and I saw your Off the Wall show last night in Victoria. It was great and lived up to the memory I have of how great your Tanzanian show was that we saw a few years back. You mentioned that you may be leading a tour through China sometime in the future. I would like any info you can send. Thanks again for a great night of entertainment. (I also recommended your show to some friends at work and they loved it as well!)” (Ray Baker, Victoria)

“Thank you William. What a great show! It is such a great thing that you put this stuff together so that armchair warriors like me can be so amused. It really is a gift to share your adventure like that. I imagine there are not that many people that push the limits of comfort as far as you might, and it’s exciting and very entertaining to watch. You are so willing to say yes where another might say no and it’s fun to watch. I’m sure the hardships on the road, (some quite obvious, like being sick for example) fade and fade while the rewards of choosing adventure over safety will shine forever. Anyway, on top of just wanting to say thanks for all that, I just have to mention what fantastic photographs you have collected! You are an artist in this way as well. I have so many images in my head now and I feel happier for it. Think “close-up of feet with nails” or “rice terraces” or any number of shots that inspire vertigo for example. Not to mention the dozens of faces and places unlike any most of us ever get to see. Really great work!” (Dana Irving, North Vancouver BC)

“Just Brilliant!! How are you able to do some of that stuff!? Really enjoyed the show. It is a difficult thing to keep people entertained for two hours… I’ve seen Billy Connolly and Dave Gorman do it and now you too” (Paul Kevener, Vancouver).

“William takes you on the self guided adventure you wish you had either the time or guts to go on. Exhilarating highs and exasperating lows. Experience all these thrills from the comfort of your seat before taking the plunge!” (Eric Derbez, Vancouver)

“We all agreed that “Off the Wall in China” is William’s best (again) as it was SO exciting in every scene! My goodness, we’re speechless that he has no fear of heights and e.g. willing to sample foods that we cringe, just looking at. William has such a warm smile and fun personality that invites conversation with others, thus he has such good memories of his travels. We really chuckled at the scene where Wm was getting a back massage from a woman and a fellow standing by couldn’t resist hugging Wm! Goes to show, LOVE is LOVE all over the world! We feel fortunate to “experience” through William’s outstanding photo/video footages and commentaries, his jaunts to so many exotic places in the world. We look forward to his future shows.” (Allan and Deana Wong, White Rock BC)

“Off the Wall – China – was phenomenal! I was spellbound from start to finish. In addition to the magnificent photos and interesting ‘real’ video clips, I really appreciated the manner in which you engaged us, the audience, by weaving in details of your experiences as you lived them in each place you visited. Thank you for an amazing evening of education and entertainment! (Deborah Rossouw, Energy Catalyst, www.debspeaks.com, Vancouver)

“Entertaining and a lot of fun!” (Corinna Adams, Victoria)

“I really liked the warning system… I felt appreciative to know what was coming to either anticipate or avoid” (Alison Mitchell, Victoria)

“William, love your Off the Wall in China show, looking forward to Tales from Tanzania next Friday. We are bringing more friends.” (George Forshaw, Port Coquitlam, BC)

“It was a FaNtAsTic show!! Your shows ROCK!! You are one hard-core fellow — well done! Can’t say as I’m attracted to your second trip to China at least not without a washroom and translator along with the trip 🙂 oh and a porter!” (Kit Griffin, Vancouver)

“Great show last Friday at John Oliver School! Very helpful travel photography tips to boot.” (Jason Wang, Vancouver)

“Was at the opening of Off the Wall in China on May 25. What a fun show, as usual + great photos, videos and stories. We really enjoy William’s shows. And this time, I even made it to the photo display!!” (Carine Vindeirinho, Vancouver)

“This was by far the most entertaining travel show I have ever been to. There was amazing scenery,fascinating stories,mixed with some touching moments and lots of humour, as William took us on his journey through the Philippines and China. Truly inspirational…definitely got me excited to go out and experience some more travel myself. After personally meeting William, it comes as no surpris, how he was able to embrace the culture and people of these beautiful parts of the world. William’s personality, sense of humour and spontanaeity permeate thru this wonderful story of adventure and discovery. Going to the Tanzania show next week FOR SURE. Thanx for sharing your enthusiasm for life and its amazing opportunities. (Dave Meredith, Victoria)

“We enjoyed your presentation very much!” (Monica and Annalise Moberg, Vancouver)

“Wonderful show. Great evening. The time blew by. You are one talented dude!” (Gordon Carson, Planet pictures, Vancouver, BC)

“Enjoyed your GRAND CANYON video in your newsletter! We’ve been to the Canyon a couple times and love it. I also saw your “Off The Wall in China” presentation in Courtenay, BC, which was also excellent and would certainly attend any future presentations should you return to Courtenay.” (Jim and Evelyn Dodd, Comox, BC)

“My partner and I recently attended Off The Wall In China presentation in Courtenay, and we loved it! Your ability to inject humour throughout the show, as well as the human interest, scenery, history and cultural aspects of the show make for a truly entertaining evening. We will be certain to attend future shows, and are currently encouraging friends and family to do the same. Good luck on your travels!” (Diana Pohl, Comox, BC)

“It was a really great show…truly. Very entertaining and some real belly laughs at times. Definetly loved the explore adventure on the great wall as it touched the explorer in me. I’m glad you had a full house and hope your other shows go well. Keep me in the loop!” (Kevin Harrison, North Vancouver, BC)

“I can’t tell you how much Meg and I enjoyed your presentation last night. It was superb!! Your photos, movies and commentary couldn’t be better. I will definitely let my friends know about your presentations and will try to attend future events.” (Marni Nordman, Vancouver BC)

“We had a totally awesome time at your show tonight…so amazed by your adventurous spirit! I was very moved by the Seva segment. I donate to Seva every year and i have a friend who traveled to Tibet and Nepal, many times, to oversee the eye camps. she, herself, has had cataract surgery…she’s forever grateful. William…i have a medical question for you… how do you manage to not get SERIOUSLY sick while traveling? Do you take a huge amount of medicine with you when you travel? just in case??? You are amazing! Thank you for being such a great divine gift to humanity…. Namaste” (Tanya Gee Guindon and Grant Guindon, Vancouver BC)

“That was quite a Quest! Many watch as a voyeur, but you get in close. Great show! It was good to see you flummoxed at times too, showing it is not all easy. Your show was quintessentially Wizard of Oz 🙂 (Wendy Gorling, Vancouver)

“We really enjoyed your Off The Wall In China show last Friday! I was happy to bring along my mother who was visiting from Niagara and is planning a trip to China. Regarding your photo tips class on June 11th…I am interested in it but it will be difficult for me to attend. Do you plan on having another one at some point in the not too distant future?” (Pete Randall, Burnaby)

“I attended your live show on June 1, 2012 on China and the Philippines. Thank-you for the time you spent on putting it together. It was awesome!” (Dee, Vancouver BC)

“I enjoyed your China Wall show! I love that I learn lots of new stuff and get to see all your new costumes. Big hugs and big congrats! Plus, I loved being at my old alma mater. Me and Wayne felt quite nostalgic breathing the air again in old PW.” (Pat and Lee Taylor, Vancouver BC)

“I loved your change of costumes – you are a very entertaining man!! I am looking forward to Friday as I worked in Somalia a couple of times (refugee orphanage in Mogadishu) and went to Tanzania way back in the 80s.” (Sam MacLachlan, Vancouver)

“Wow, what an awesome show that was presented flawlessly, professionally and a most memorable evening spend with William Jans and family. We enjoyed it so very much, and we felt as though we were visiting the other side of the globe. Thank you, Thank you, Thank,you for your most generous gift and for sharing your God given talents, with people all over the world and especially here in B.C. You truly are a gem (a very rare one ) I don’t know how your mother can sleep at night when you are away from Vancouver. You must certainly love a challenge with no fear of failure. Its great to travel to another country and see it in one evening and have it all explained to you to boot. What an inexpensive way to see the world. We have had the opportunity to see several of your shows now. which are Fantastic and Awesome. Keep up the excellent and professional production. Loved every minute of it and your good sense of humor. See you at the next one!!!!!!” ( Hans and Fay Patkau, White Rock, BC)

“You were absolutely awesome. I loved the show, the photos were spectacular, the video clips very entertaining, loved the humour, clever captions & commentary & you are quite the showman! :-). Well done! Not sure if I can make it to your show on Friday but if I can I will. Cheers for inspiring me to go adventuring again. :-)” (Annmarie Ahern, Dublin and Vancouver)

“Visually stunning! Just Brilliant” (Colin Angus, Courtenay BC – 2007 Nat Geo Adventurers of the Year. *First to circumnavigate the globe by human power).

“Hey you, Just wanted to say how amazing your show was last night. My parents absolutely loved it. It takes a lot to impress my dad and let’s just say he was blown away. Kudos on the superb show!” (Erin Towson, New West BC)

“Thanks for sharing your travel adventures with the Courtenay audience last night. My daughter and I really enjoyed the adventure. My daughter had lots to dream about when she went to sleep last night! Keep up the great adventurous spirit!” (Lynda Magor, Courtenay)

“Loved the angry Danish guy, the weird stuff, the snowcones, the airport survey, the whale sharks, the crucifixion, the great use of maps, the footbinding and the Seva stuff! Super” (Julie Angus – 2007 Nat Geo Adventurers of the Year. *First to circumnavigate the globe by human power).

“I appreciated the humour and really liked your honesty in portrayal of the trip.” (Marilyn Anderson, Nanaimo, BC)

“You had all 500 students in the palm of your hand! They were captivated. Well Done!” (Vice Principal Thomas Harapnuic, John Oliver School) – Special Presentation for students May 23, 2012.

“I really liked the “warning system” you had. That was super.” (Victoria Levesque, Victoria, BC)

“Loved it! Loved it! The way the presented it was educational and AWESOME!” (Camille Calalang and Vareena Bopari, John Oliver Students, Vancouver)

“I attended your Off the Wall in China show this Friday (May 25) with my wife and daughter and it was absolutely fantastic! I have been to innumerable photo and travel shows over the years and this was by far the most engaging and entertaining. I hope to be able to attend your other shows in the near future. Thanks for sharing with us travel adventures I wish I had the nerve to undertake myself. We are already informing family and friends about your shows and hope you continue to offer them.” (Ken Towson, New Westminster)

“Awesome show a usual William! Very informative and entertaining.” (Victoria Williams, Nanaimo)

(from Facebook) “I just came home from seeing William Jans’ new show “Off the Wall in China” and it was fantastic! The first half of the show is his adventures in the Philippines and I can’t recommend it more highly, especially to family, and friends who have been to the Philippines!! It’s showing again next Friday – go see it!” (Mayette Ostonal, Vancouver, BC)

“Great show!” (Heidi Pellman, Victoria, BC)

“I always try to bring presentations to my school that will open the eye, minds and hearts our students … all of which your presentation did! Thank you William and I hope we have the opportunity to have you at our school again soon” (Dustin Keller, Fine Arts & Digital Technology Department Head, John Oliver Secondary School, Vancouver BC)

“Awesome show last week! Thanks for the photo of me (#20 from Off the Wall 25May2012) **Amazing Coincidence** Imagine my surprise scrolling through the other shows, and there in photo #30 from Trekking in Tibet, 6Nov2010 in Courtenay, was my smiling parents!” (Bill Richardson, Vancouver)

“Really enjoyed the show! Loved the Banaue Rice Terraces and the steps on the cliffs in China. WOW! Got a kick out of realizing you were shooting ALL OF THIS SOLO when you mentioned you had to go back for the video camera after scaling that steep part of the Great Wall” (Susan Scott, Vancouver)

“Well Done!!” (Lynn Plautz, Vancouver BC)

“My name is Burcu. I wanted to say, it was a very inspiring show with tears and laughter. I absolutely loved it and almost cried after seeing the 3 sister’s surgery:). I am from Turkey and wondering if you have any plans to go to that side of the world one day, we have pretty amazing sites as well. I will try to get to the Tanzania show next week!” (Burcu Arat, Victoria)

“I enjoyed the Wall program, and hope to see others!” (Barrie and Anne Bolton, Victoria BC)

“I saw your show last night and it was amazing!!! So inspirational! I’m planning in taking off to Cambodia, Laos, Tibet, china (and now the Philippines!). I’m super interested in both the mountain hike and sleeping on the great wall! Please keep me updated about these plans!!!” (Carol Louie, Vancouver BC)

“FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS though I must say that after viewing your show and if I was your Mother or Dad I would not let you out of the house. You do some pretty scary stuff. Your parents aren’t going to be the only ones praying for your safety. Keep up the good work. See you tonight.” (Hans Patkau, White Rock BC)

“Great show last night. I loved all the wonderful pictures and the volcano hike with the Dutch body builder was funny. Your are such a multi tasked up there with hitting play for the video and slides, dimming the lights, changing clothes, etc. Crazy. Do you set off on these trips by yourself or do you have a mini crew with you? What will be your next trip? Going back to the wall?” (Anna Lam, Vancouver) *William travels solo on these adventures.

“You are a WILDMAN! Exceptionally good filming and assembly. I felt challenged and interested the whole way through.” (Gary Anderson, Nanaimo BC)

” I really enjoyed your China show and am looking forward to the show next Friday! Too bad I have not seen your previous shows. Where I can find them? I would love to see one about Tibet (Irina Kroug, Burnaby BC) *I am hoping to start creating versions for downloading on Itunes, etc. More info to come. WRJ.

“I don’t know how you can do all that stuff… INSPIRING” (Alison Mitchell, Victoria, BC)

“What a super show it was! I was a bit uncertain sometime during the Philippines segment that this show could equal or top the previous gems, but sure enough, it all built and many of the best stories were yet to come. It all paid off hugely and I was thoroughly satisfied and entertained by the end. Many thanks for the touching Seva segment. This was a complete surprise and it was like an “eye” witness report on the great work Seva is doing. Loved that doc, too. I hope Seva knew about this as they would be thrilled. I will tell Heather Wardle (Dev. Director), who I did not see at this show. Sorry we didn’t get to talk to you at the show. The only critques I would give are that the P.A. sound was not as good as last time and so your narration was not as clear. Also those wooden J.O.seats are just a bit too unforgiving for a longer show, but I don’t suggest editing it! I am not surprised it took you so many months to put this together. It is complex with so many layers, but it was worth it. I am sure I would enjoy it again, but I’ll bring my own cushion. Audience seemed to be thrilled from what I could observe.” (Graham X Peat, Vancouver BC)

“Thanks for another entertaining show. I recognized a few things from my own travels in China, but at the time I actually left the grilled scorpions for what they were. Very pleased to hear you mentioning Couchsurfing. Tonight I was at your show as a couchsurifng host (no, my name is not Rachel) together with my couchsurfer freshly arrived from Milan – who by the way would love to see more of your shows while being in Vancouver. Looking forward to seeing your next (=future) show, even if i need to wait a few more years.” (Liet Hellwig, Vancouver BC)

“Great show tonight! (Ehsan Dehsan, Victoria)

“Wow! We enjoyed it hugely!” (Barbara Hourston, Nanaimo, BC)

“Great Off the Wall in China show last Friday!!! I finally got to see one of your shows. It is really amazing what you do. You are really living life to the fullest. You are definitely right, money is not everything, eventhough it is still apart of what we are doing. But it is not all about it. Memories, life experience, love…who, what and how you filled your life….the adventures of what we are doing, these treasures stay with us eternity. Money does not. I will definitely recommend your show to other friends of mine especially those adventurous ones.” (King Philippe, Vancouver)

“Jeanette and I loved your show Off the Wall in China. A few of the spots you showed us brought back fond memories of when we were also there. With your humour mixed in the time seemed to just disappear and the show was over way too quickly. Keep up the great work! We will be back.” (John and Jeanette Holder, Courtenay)

“Really enjoyed the show! Thanks” (Rey Torres, Vancouver BC)

“Great show William! Had a fun time. Lynn, Rey and I also laughed in the car about the travel “flashbacks” we were having watching your hard times – it brought back some memories for all of us (lost, airport closed, no way out, tired, sick…)” (Sarah Watson, Vancouver)

“Your presentation was excellent. I would not mind if you had gone a bit slower but I also understand it is important to keep the presentation to a given time. I found you costume changes to be effective. The combination of still photographs and video was utilized in a way that really kept us focused on what was coming next. I was very concerned about you climbing part of the great wall it look very dangerous without anyone to help if you had fallen. I appreciated the fact that you told us about parts that we may not be comfortable watching. I personally did not like watching the part about eating the chickens that were partly formed. It was an excellent presentation. Thank you.” (Jane Coleman, Courtenay, BC)

“Fantastic!!! Amazing!!! So inspirational! Thanks so much” (Carol Louie, Vancouver)

“You were swamped with people at the end of your show tonight and I didn’t get a chance to say thank you for sharing your awesome adventure! I thoroughly enjoyed your show. I was in China with my family in October 2011 and it is one of my favorite places so far. I just wanted to thank you. The show was entertaining and the pictures amazing.” (Eryn Kelln, Vancouver)

“Great Show!!! I look forward to the next new adventure. When I retire this is how I want to travel, I just have to convince Linda.” (Roger Staples, Richmond BC)

“I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the show!! I didn’t mean it as a bad thing when I said that I enjoyed it the most of all the shows. Believe me, I have enjoyed all of them Immensely and have obviously been affected by your photos and stories – remember that I remembered your words, “It’s not what you see, it’s what you allow yourself to feel.” for years after I heard you say it. I just thought that Off the Wall had a great blend of serious and humour, and a great variety of places and people – definitely looks like it was an amazing trip. Seeing your video of the blind man walking along those trails was really powerful and obviously affected you too – and I think the show gains power when you share yourself like that. It is obvious that your labour of love, though painful at times, was really worthwhile and you should be really proud of the show!!” (Colin Lochhead, Vancouver)

Hey William, loved your “off the wall of china” show!!!! want to see it again in a couple of years!! the only trouble i had was with the sound, had a hard time understanding what you were saying. usually i sit in front rows, but this time more like 10th row or a bit further back even – and there i found the sound quite unclear, but then i am not english as first language speaker… the clips were much more clear than you talking live. great that you keep doing your show!! thanks lots and happy traveling” (Elizabeth Hafeli, Vancouver) *Thanks for the comment and we did get the sound better for the Tanzania show. That is a challenging room acoustically. WRJ*

“I know colin expressed how he felt about your show but I wanted to second that. It was truly awesome and I had a great time. I’m still telling stories about your travels to people I run into and recommending you to everyone. Well done!!” (Suzanne Rushton, Vancouver BC 2012)

“I thoroughly enjoyed your show. It was both entertaining and inspiring!” (James McCron, Vancouver, BC)

“This was the first time attending your shows. We very much enjoyed it and now we would like to see more, specifically Solo in South America and maybe Trekking in Tibet. Any chance of these shows happening in Vancouver this summer?” (Steve Boettger, Vancouver)

“Off The Wall was a blast. Lots of laughs. Is it just me or are your video clips getting better and more funny with each show you do? My favourite part of this recent show was the “stern” guard at the Filipino road check. Great set up, great pay off. Hilarious. You seem to have a better understanding of how to set up these comic bits both when you are in the field and in post-production. Which I guess raises the question: why don’t you have an oddball travel show on TV? Continued success with your entertaining presentations! ” (Rob Howatson, Westworld Magazine, Burnaby, BC)

William’s 5th wild show includes safaris, a wild bush walk, staying with Massai people (ever had goat spinal cord for breakfast?), and climbing Africa’s highest peak – Mount Kilimanjaro! This show has garnered rave reviews from both media and general public across Canada. Come see why! **These shows are LIVE and DON’T happen often! Catch it when you can!


William being interviewed on a Toronto Morning Show.

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(Martin Strong ROCK 101)

“Remarkable show! Great as always.”

(CBC Toronto)

“Beautiful photos, hilarious videos”

(Nanaimo Bulletin)


(Vancouver Courier)



On the fence? The comments below may give you an idea why do people line up 800 deep in the rain to see these fun shows…  


“We were staying at the Ocean Point for our 17th Anniversary and found your show on the web while looking for things to do. Loved it! Your shows was fast paced and fun. Sometime in laughter, sometimes in shock we toured the amazing country alomst enouhg to feel like we had been there and met the locals… including almost loco… William Jans. Highly recommended… high energy and excellent, amazing photography!” (Harley and Lynne Abram, Chemainus, BC)

“A great time” (Sally Allen, Nanaimo)

“Thx! Great show! Loved the wide-eyed stares from those kids!” (Steve Burgess, Burnaby, 2012)

“Really really enjoyed the show! Still thinking about it a couple days later. Just had to let you know that I couldnt get it out of my head… some images were so captivating… there was a shot of a very old tribal woman with a group of kids… one kid in front covered in dust with a weather worn older woman in back. What a great image… that image just melted me. So innocent. To do all that video, travel, and stories and still come up with so many special shots is wonderful.” (Kevin Harrison. North Vancouver)

“Your work and message are brilliant – thank you so much for your vision, planning and follow through – you bring so much to the rest of us! (Brian Wyndham, Surrey, BC)

“Loved your approach, bright light and sense of adventure. Your ability to with the languages of the tribes inspired in the most profound way. Great work! With Joy and Jubilation” (Sarina Bell, Toronto)

“Brilliant as Always” (Gordon Stodola, Victoria)

“So Cool” (Tina Kotthaus, Courtenay, BC)

“Great show as usual, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Really gave me a feel for what Tanzania is about. Looking forward to your next show.” (Bob Dynes, Vancouver BC, 2012)

“We were delighted to attend your show at the Hollywood a few weeks ago, with our children. Not only because it was a great show (it really was),but because we had just booked tickets for a month in Tanzania!” (Leslie Palleson and Bruce McLeod, Vancouver)

“I really liked watching your show – “Tales from Tanzania”. I would like to be a photographer like you. Here are the photos of my toy animals. (Evan B. – 8 years old, Vancouver)

“(via linked in) I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your show “Tales for Tanzania” last Friday. I love to travel, but haven’t gone traveling in a while, due to the fact that I am in school. Thanks again for a great show.” (Sarah Whitlam, Vancouver 2012)

“Combine vivid, exciting photographs and videos with a charismatic, energetic speaker, and you’ve got Tales from Tanzania. William Jans weaves a captivating tale accompanied by the most beautiful action-packed shots. Every day is full of fun! William Jans Shows are definitely not to be missed by anyone, young or old.” (Charmaine Jade Li Arellano-Chua; a 13 year old attendee, Mississauga Ontario)

“We saw Tales from Tanzania show in Victoria. Will you be doing another showing in Victoria. We loved it.” (Hunter W. Gordon, Victoria, BC).

“TALES FROM TANZANIA was wonderful! I learn so much and have such a good time each time I attend – even my kiswahili is improving!! Asante sana tena!” (Ev Cousins, Vancouver)

“Our family just got back to our home in Campbell River after attending your show in Courtenay tonight, and we felt the need to drop you a note to say thanks! The four of us thoroughly enjoyed your exceptional ability to use photos and stories to communicate your experiences in Tanzania. Your level of engagement with the local Masai people results in us learning more about these people than any mainstream magazine articles or television programs can offer – and our kids will never forget what they learned tonight. Thanks for sharing your experiences.” (Angela and Mark Gage, and kids, Campbell River, BC).

“In a word, MARVELOUS. I’m proud to be your humble neighbour.” (Wendy Gorling, Vancouver)

“Hope your shows are going well, I really enjoyed the Ottawa show!” (Shawn Peplinskie, Ottawa)

“You are an awesome guy! I really enjoyed your show! You are an artist on presentation… You bonded everything perfectly …Your costumes were awesome…You shared your experience with us… All you do is excited and dangerous on the same time…It’s an amazing experience finding about the others culture…and living on the middle of it (for a while). It’s remarkable…Keep going…You are an adventurous guy! 🙂 Very nice Andromeda and Milky Way photo by the way! I’ll send an invitation to all my friends, your shows deserve to be seen!! (Nicoleta Oprescu, Toronto)

“A quick note to say how much I enjoyed Tales from Tanzania last evening, here in Courtenay BC. Just goes to show there’s always more to learn – Your show further enriched my own experiences on safari in Tanzania and Kenya last year. Fantastic to be familiar and yet see so much more via your exciting “true life” and varied adventures. I’m sure anyone who has been to even one of your presentations will be back for more. Keep ’em coming!!! please add me to your show schedule automated mail out, regards,” (Elizabeth Steeves, Courtenay, BC)

“It was a great show William! Paola and I were inspired and glad for the experience.” (Alan Stewart ,Pender Harbour)

“We are very much looking forward to seeing YOUR pictures of OUR vacation. We did Meru and Kili then a safari 3 years ago. Heard you on the cbc last night which only makes us more excited about tonight. – – – (later) – – – What a great show! We are so glad to have made the trip to Toronto to catch it, and will definitely spread the word. Have a successful rest of the tour! Asante sana! (Del Daignault, St Catherines Ontario)

“Thanks for the show tonight, it was GREAT. I gladly brought my brother in law and he also enjoyed the show. The images looked amazing, great post production work!!!. Pretty crazy watching you talk, change and get the images happening all at the same time it makes me think of those one man bands, i think that is what your promo card should have on it. Thanks again!! (Tina Chin, Vancouver, BC)

“GREAT SHOW” on Friday! Sandy and I both enjoyed it very much and it served as a good “inspiration” for our upcoming trip to Rwanda and Kenya in September. I thought your video work was fantastic – the interaction with the locals was excellent, you really bring out the “funny side” in people and it plays so well on the screen – the human pyramid with the Massa cracked me up, your walk through the market was classic, and I loved the ladies singing gospel in the church, wow what a moment that you captured!! Don’t know if the whole TV thing appeals to you, but with your unique approach to travelling I’d say you’ve got the makings of a TV Travel Show…” (Murray and Sandy Isbister, Burnaby, BC)

“Fantastic! – You should have your own TV SHOW!”(Shawna Kostiuk, Vancouver)

“I just came to your show Friday and am sad I didn’t swim up the aisle stream to come meet you in person. Next time I will! I wanted to say thanks for a fabulous show (my first one) and to see if you are going on any trips for which you require an assistant!! (I know, you get asked this hundreds of times per day, so what’s once more?). I’ll pass on your show info to friends in Edmonton and see you the next time I can come to a show!! You’re an inspiration but rather than being like you I think I’d like to BE you. Let me know if you’d like a break from being you so I can take over :-)” (Suzanne Rushton, Vancouver)

“You have a wonderful way to engage with people… It is a gift you have that emanates from you and it is not cheesy in the least… You have a level of freedom to be who you are.” (Alan Kearns, CareerJoy, Ottawa)

“Another great show! It was like seeing it for the first time. Fascinating. Actually seeing it twice made me realize what I missed the first time around. Ciao for now Matako!” (Shawna Kostiuk, Vancouver)

“Awesome! SO fantastic! Just loved it. The photos were beautiful, the videos were hilarious!” (Sharleen Suszewiez, Vancouver)

“Just a note to say the show was fantastic last night. It’s great to see all your talents at their best like that! I can’t wait until you have your own TV show! Kids really enjoyed the show too – had quite a few laughs… and kids can be a tough audience! Thanks for the entertainment! (Dana Irving and Dean Stark, North Vancouver)

“My husband and I had so much and can’t wait for the next one!” (Mary-Jean Payeur, Vancouver)

“Great show last night; you are a very talented story teller – with amazing stories to tell! You mentioned during the show that you might do a seminar on the technical side of taking photos and managing them. Jessica and I would love to attend this, so put us down for two votes.” (Bill Richardson, Vancouver)

“We laughed ourselves silly! The show was Safi Kabisa!” (Heather Wardle, Vancouver)

“Your friendly, kind and playful nature melts away any cultural or language barriers. Watching your interactions with the people of Tanzania was a real joy. Your photos are amazing.” (Cheryl Beglaw, Port Coquitlam)

“Great show the other night! I was fully engaged!” (Tammie Sibbald, Toronto)

“Such a terrific sense of humour and great rapport with the locals.” (Deanna and Alan Wong, White Rock, BC)

“Really enjoyed your show. Awesome job!” (Ean Jackson, North Vancouver)

“Awesome show. My wife, brother and friends really enjoyed it. So glad I came. Your slides brought back great memories, although having seen how you were able to interact with the locals, it made me want to try and redo my trip. I am sure I will be seeing more of your shows.” (Mike Braacx, Vancouver)

“Thanks for a fabulous evening.” (Anita Turcotte, Toronto)

“What a right on show! Ended up going with 5 friends & they all enjoyed it too. Your show was a perfect mix of images and yourself getting to know the locals. And your ability to learn some of the language was top notch, good job.” (Mike O’Hanley, Vancouver)

“Really loved it. For me the best so far!” (Angela Bleach, Vancouver)

“I’ve just become a big fan! Happy travels, Asante sana, Kwa Heri” (Alicia, Vancouver)

“I’m still thinking and talking about the Tanzania show! It was absolutely fantastic. Beyond your wonderful, humourous and personable self, you always show people in the most respectful and dignified way possible — one of the many things I love about you. Congratulations William, be proud!”(Anitra Singh, Vancouver)

“A great show! I have been telling people from the office that they must see one of your shows!” (June Stafford, Vancouver Courier)

“I loved the new show! Thanks for continuing to share the journey.” (Daien Ide, Vancouver)

“Great to see in your shot that they love you and you love them. Very Playful!” (Fran Pirken, Nanaimo)

You have a wonderful way to engage with a people! it is a gift you have. (Alan Kearns, CareerJoy, Toronto)

“Never seen anything like it. Great to be so in the moment!” (Suzana Michaelis, Nanaimo)

“Amazing Show!” (Sonja Jan, Victoria)

“I saw your slide show on Nepal about 8 – 10 years ago in the theatre at the Planetarium in Vancouver .. and have actually since dragged friends out to see it a couple more times over the years. I also attended your 2 other shows last fall – one at the Rio on Broadway & the other at JO I think ….. They are spectacular!!!! (Mandy Carlson, Vancouver)

“Great job, keep up your remarkable ability to capture people’s hearts and the right light” (Sonora Morin Butterfield, Victoria)

” Loved the Tales from Tanzania show! You had mentioned that you might be doing some travel photography workshops in the future. I’d love to get further information when it is available.” (Allison Norrie, Vancouver)

“I first saw one of your shows last year (the Burma one I think?). We really enjoyed it and saw the Tanzania and South America shows this year. You mentioned a photography workshop… I’m interested in the photography workshop as a gift for my parter (who has a much better eye for photography than I do!). Keep me posted!” (Allison Norrie, Vancouver)

“I want to tell you how much I LOVE your shows! I love your stories, I love your photographs, and I love watching you as an entertainer and performer! I’ve seen all your shows and I always recommend them to all my friends! You have inspired me as an artist, and I am grateful for everything you have brought to the world! Thank you!” (Susan Browne, Vancouver)

“I saw your Tanzania show in January. Good stuff. Love the multimedia – including costume changes. Nice one!” (Dave Pinton, Vancouver – VIA TWITTER)

“I thoroughly enjoyed your show on Tanzania last night. I was there with 5 friends… 4 of them seeing your show for the first time. This was my 4th show and I have only missed Burma Bound. I’m hoping you will present that one again in Vancouver for all of us. Happy Travellin’ (Denise Schlachter, Vancouver)

“Keep up the amazing work” (Pat and Lee Taylor, Vancouver)

“My family really enjoyed the show tonight. Thanks!” (Chris Shackleton, Ottawa Ontario)

“What a great show! Your passion and stories were amazing – thanks for sharing!” (Sandra GIrard, Alzheimers Soc of BC.)

“Kipara, I enjoyed it even more the 2nd time. My favorite bits are Michael and building the pyramid with the Maasai. The footage of the elephant in the Selous camp near S&S tent drew gasps from around me. Thanks for the great effort.” (Leslie Nevison, Vancouver and Congo)

It was great..when will you do more in Vancouver? (Elenor Shook, Vancouver) *These are live and dont happen often! Catch them while you can! (wrj)

“Great show – I’m a travel buff at heart and your show got my feet itchy!” (Christa LeCraw, Digital Photography Program Manager, VAN ARTS)

“Great show on Friday! Best one yet!” (Jan Sherman, Vancouver)

“Thoroughly Entertaining!” (Steve Ottridge, Vancouver)

“Enjoyed your show tonight, very entertaining and funny.” (Bert Griffioen, Abbotsford, BC and South African ex-pat)

“What an incredible show , absolutely amazing. Great remarks from people coming out. Yes for real not cause I am me.” (Janet Jans, White Rock *William’s mom*)

“I heard of your show through a few sources – YHA newsletter, posters and an email to our Apple Store too. I moved to Vancouver from Minnesota, but it does sound like your show would be well worth the flight ~ so feel free to include that statistic if you wish! I’m convincing friends of mine from around the globe to visit and maybe we can add some PayPal addresses from much further afield, eh? I am really looking forward to the extravaganza!! Just sorry that I wasn’t able to attend the Tibet and Tanzania shows earlier in January. Please add me to your upcoming events newsletter so I can plan ahead for future shows. (Sally Laird, Pine Springs, Minn, USA)

“I absolutely loved your show last night!”(Barry Gray, Insight Films)

“The show was marvelous, I really enjoyed it. Your photography of course is spectacular, but you absolutely shine on video.” (Katherine Bamford, Langley)

“We enjoyed your slideshow presentation on Tanzania last evening. I passed your web site info and upcoming show info. to my Edmonton friends. Good luck and keep up the good work.” (Clarence and Fran, Vancouver)

“Great show – I really enjoyed it. Good Job.” (Todd Malone, Richmond)

“Well, I certainly won’t be at tonight’s Vancouver show since I moved to Yellowknife 6 weeks ago, but if you’re ever coming up here, I’d happily see Solo In South America for the 4th time (and I *still* haven’t seen Top Of The World yet). 😉 One way or another I’ll make it to your shows again.” (Leon Brady, Yellowknife, NWT)

“Great Half Dome video in your newsletter! Love the Scotia half shirt!(Susan Leung, Vancouver)

“Just wanted to send some thanks for the show last night, it was a lot of fun. I didn’t recognize any people but there were a lot of familiar scenes in your photos – the truck names, the bus-side vendors, the streets of Stonetown, hippo chuckles and hyena yelps, cellphones everywhere (I remember silence being broken by that classic Nokia ring tone in the middle of the Serengeti), the constant ‘Mzungu! Mzungu! Mzungu!” and, most of all, the beautiful Tanzanian smiles and laughs. I always thought Fijians had the best laughs in the world but Tanzanians give them a run for their money, for sure. Thanks and see you at your next show!(Heather Cleland, Vancouver)

“Habari! Asante sana sana kwa ‘slide show’ nzuri! I really enjoyed the wonderful, informative and entertaining presentation! You presented a truly inspiring and witty look at Tanzania which is my second home. I wish you all the best, keep up the good work. Mungu akubariki!” (Ev Cousins, Vancouver)

“Your show was simply spectacular William! Bravo.” (Jeff Fisher, Vancouver)

“We made it to your Vancouver show last Thursday night. I found myself completely absorbed in your show so many times. I’d kind of “snap out of it” and wonder how long I’d been sitting there agape, completely oblivious to whether people around me were laughing or silent. Some of the aerial shots in particular were WOW. Can’t think of a better word. And the pictures of women and children — gosh there are beautiful faces in the world with amazing life behind them. Videos were super-funny and I keep thinking about certain clips and other things you shared throughout the day. I’m impressed with how well-produced yet friendly and informal your show was. I feel privileged to be in a world where someone like yourself takes the risks you do, sharing your passion, being generous with your respect of people, and traveling the world. I could not do what you do (I don’t have that sense of risk-taking or adventure) so I am grateful that I don’t miss out — I get to live vicariously.Thanks again for a funny, touching, inspiring show. Keep up your great work.” (Jaracah Caldwell, Richmond)

“Loved your approach, bright light and sense of adventure. Your ability to connect to the languages of the tribes inspired in the most profound way! Great work! Have a great tour Will! With joy and jubilation,” (Sarina Belle, Toronto)

“I am most appreciative that you take the time to thank folks for coming to your shows!!! Very gracious gesture in this world that seems to often forget about grace. While I have thought to write to you in the past, alas, never followed through with the thought. Nonetheless, I am compelled to sit my butt down and write to you and share a thought or two. First, I am most certainly one of your groupies! I have seen three of your shows and have left each one with many nuggets of inspiration and passion for the sights/experiences you share. You have a gift for drawing me into the moments, cultures, emotions, and even the smells you describe in the presentation of your journeys and I am most grateful for that. Furthermore, I am a shutterbug and pack my very basic equipment with me wherever I go and you inspire me to ‘take that shot’ even when I think it won’t be any good. Most of the time I am not disappointed!!! I am also a lover of travel and a glutton for learning about other cultures. I see humanity in so many forms, shapes and colours which I consider a real gift. To put it mildly, I live my passion when I see your shows; you do what I hold dear to my heart and I have printed (or rather tattooed) in the boldest ink on my bucketlist. I’m committed to doing more travel abroad when I have to be less connected to the mainstream life I currently lead. One day I say, one day!!! Truly William, you are not ‘just a guy that travels and takes pictures’. In my eyes, you are so much more than that and your spirit shines in all that you present to those who come to listen to your stories AND I make sure I get the word out and invite people to come and see your shows. In closing, I wish to extend to you a sincere offer of assistance when you return to Nanaimo. Cheers William; journey well.” (Barb Sorenson, Nanaimo)

Thanks for the unbelievable presentation. It sure is an eye opener to see how others exist in this big world of ours. I feel really blessed to be where I am and to have what God has granted us. May you continue to be your adventurous self and may you always be safe. (Fay Patkau, White Rock BC 2012)

“We enjoyed the show so very much and look forward to seeing the other shows! What a great experience!” (Debra Kato, Vancouver, 2012)

“I really enjoyed watching. Makes my travel bug stir in a big way, arrgh! Think I might book off for a year about 4 years from now using adjusted salary plan. Am toying with an easy trip to Turkey this year for my vacation…but will hear more from you re China trip as discussed. Wanted to introduce you to my friends at the end of your show, but it seemed like we would need to wait some time for the crowd to clear…next time.” (Meghan Fitz-James, Vancouver BC, 2012)

“Wow. The Show was great. I went to see the one about Tanzania and it blew my mind. All of the crazy things you did is spectacular. Thanks for an amazing show!” (Lia Slade, John Oliver School, Vancouver BC 2012)


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