GOOGLE CAT! Google Street view mistake creates a new species

What a hoot. this apparently happened yesterday (May 6). I would love to find out the coordinates to see where, but maybe that is not posted to avoid alerting Google Street views to fix it. I support that idea… This is spacey, hip and cool! I want a cat like that! I think the cat looks like a Dr. Suess Character! You can also see some fun garage sale warriors bowing for google cam…....
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I don’t even know how I found this, but the reason it really works for me and made me laugh is that I had NO IDEA what it was and where it was going… It is only 1 minute long and ABSURD! I think I should call it “PATH TO DESTRUCTION” to confuse you even more!! I am so glad I did not know the title or anything… I hope you like it too…
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