I had the great opportunity to ride along with Vancouver Police tonight. Really interesting. The most shocking call for sure was the “man shot in face and woman with gun still in the building” call…

We arrived at East Hastings and there were at least 10 police, 3 of whom had machine guns. The most dangerous part of the call was that the woman with the gun was reputed to still be there… that means either she was going to kill herself, try to have the police kill her or take more people out. 

All guns were drawn and movements were very methodical for obvious reasons. As it turns out room 210 had the door wide open and no body and no blood. Perhaps someone trying to mess around with tenant(s) in the building by making that call. They must know what would have elicited the most intense response. Who knows if it was done to get back at a woman living in room 210, or what, but it certainly was successful. Other calls included Break and Enter on Georgia, 20 kids fighting (was less than that, but that was the call), and other small incidents. Fascinating late night experience. Got home at 3:30 am.

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