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TOP OF THE WORLD is William’s 1st big show that was created on computers. This a lively evening of multimedia stories from an exotic adventure through INDIA and the EVEREST REGION of NEPAL. Travel along for the highs and lows of overseas travels. If you are amused by impossible coincidences, get ready for a couple of crazy stories! This show has been seen by over 7000 people across Canada thus far.

CLIP: Trying to carry a Porter’s Load

Even for only a few seconds can be tougher than you think.


The LIVE show is very tightly edited and includes costumes, video, story telling and some interactivity. Here are just a few simple stills to whet your appetite.


“Loved the show…as intriguing as that part of the world is, he made it even more so””

(CBC “Here and Now” Toronto)

“Thoroughly enjoyable”

(Global TV BC)

“A stupendous show”

(See Magazine, Edmonton)

On the fence? The comments below may give you an idea why do people line up 800 deep in the rain to see these fun shows…


“What an awesome show…I am still talking about it with my friends who couldn’t be there. And so are my kids, they were the ones on the floor in front of you for the entire show. My daughter, 9 years old, was thrilled, and has remembered every story you told, especially loved your hats and the video clip in India with the fellow and his friend ‘the sacred cow’. I too really enjoyed your personal touch, your enthusiasm and love and respect of the people of the country you travelled, right down to trying to learn the language, trying to show regard for their beliefs and traditions. You are a very talented man and a great traveller…thanks for the wonderful evening…” (Jami Fidork, PEMBERTON BC)


“A really imaginative and fun show”


“A stupendous show” (Dana McNairn, Writer, SEE MAGAZINE, EDMONTON)

“Thoroughly enjoyable” (Heather Knittel, GLOBAL TV BC)

“Loved the show…as intriguing as that part of the world is, you made it even more so.” (Marichka Melnyk, Producer “HERE AND NOW”, CBC RADIO TORONTO)

“Just a quick note to let you know that my father and I thoroughly enjoyed your show in Edmonton last week. Kudos for a very impressive presentation! We have family across Canada and would like to recommend what we felt to be “a worth while evening out!” Thanks again!” (Kendra Muller, EDMONTON ALBERTA)

“Really enjoyed it. Loved your energy and passion.”(Graham Walker (Rock Paper Scissors – TORONTO ONTARIO)

“I would just like to say that your “Top of the world” presentation is the best show of it’s kind that I have ever seen. You were funny, informative and your images were fantastic. It made me want to go home, pack my camera up and catch the next flight to India. I was with four others and they all enjoyed it as well. When I read that it was almost a two hour presentation I thought ” Oh no, I’ll fall asleep.” However the two hours seemed like about thirty minutes. It was over far to quickly.” Sincerely, (Lois Haesler, WHISTLER BC)

“Fabulous show last night. You have great energy and passion which is infectious (but not in the dysentry kind of way). And you are insanely silly. Add me to your show announcement list. I want to see your Tibet production. PS: I too have a bizarre hat collection to equal yours but i haven’t a clue how to tie a turban” (Wendi Lacusta, VANCOUVER BC)

“I Totally enjoyed your show, I found it INSPIRING and HILARIOUS – I really enjoyed your sense of humour, enthusiasm, and stories. All the bits and pieces – the photos, the music, the recorded conversation, stories, Hats, snickers bars thrown gleefully”(J. Bird, VANCOUVER BC)

“We had a marvelous time – so exciting to watch your ‘interactive’ performance. For a good deal of the evening it was like watching a great movie in 3D! I’m so glad that Erin Perks – my Vancouverite niece – raved about your show and made it absolutely unthinkable to not get tickets. My mother-in-law enjoyed herself too (thank goodness!) and we’ll all go back to any future performances we hear about. You are a true talent and adventurer extraordinaire. Thank you for sharing both with your audience.” Best regards, (Colleen Smith-Robinson, TORONTO ONTARIO)

“I just got back from your Oct 8th. Show, in Toronto, and I could not resist the temptation of sending this quick note to you. Your show was beyond a “show”, I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere you created, and the way you communicated with your audience. (Elli Afshar, TORONTO, ONTARIO)

“I absolutely loved your presentation! … You brought back so many memories for me. I would definitely attend another presentation of yours. (Jennifer Steinberg, OTTAWA ONTARIO)

“I like your technique of showing it as it is, not a hyped travelogue…..and the sound bytes are a great idea to give the scene “life”. If only you could duplicate the smells!, then again perhaps not considering the 26 days between showers. Let me know when your next presentation is. Thanks again for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. (James Dallimore, VANCOUVER, BC)

“The best little slide show in the world!” Oh my god!!!! Kudos… this was truly the best travel presentation I have ever been too and believe me I’ve been to lots. Just wanted to congratulate you on giving so much pleasure to so many people. I felt like I’d been given a gift. Thanks (Michelle Davidson, VANCOUVER BC)

“Saw ‘on top of the world’ in Toronto last week – very impressed great show. One favor to ask – wasn’t able to write fast enough to get the music credits from the Nepal/India show – would love to have the list of music sources if at all possible – PLEASE AND THANKYOU!! (Esther Goodvin, TORONTO ONTARIO)

“All my expectations for your show were surpassed. It was sooooooo interesting and beautiful and fun! My friends and I all had a wonderful time. I only wish that it was like a movie and I could go see it again and again and bring more friends. Your photographs are amazing and witty and I especially love your photographs of people. You have an incredible talent for bringing out the charm in people. What I loved about the show was how you didn’t just go through the slides, you also had the hats, the telephone books (oof!) and the Snickers chart! Loved the audio tapes too esp. of Tandoori Chicken. (That killed me!) It was a really imaginative and fun show. LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!!! (Kimberley Hoy, TORONTO & VANCOUVER SHOWS)

“I saw your show last night and I just wanted to say that it was phenomenal!! It totally blew me away! I think that the most amazing thing about it was how you so candidly and honestly took us (the audience) on a tour through your memories, somehow (in an odd and amazing way) making them part of our own. Your show makes me want to visit India and Nepal more than ever. Thank you so much for sharing your memories!” (Ewa Ciuk, TORONTO ONTARIO)

“Inspiring to see your commitment! The show was brilliant and captivating. I enjoyed the spontaneity… the ‘snickers’ event was a hit!! It’s amazing how much the crowd cheered after that…the small things in life seem to make us the happiest… I’ll have catch one next time.” (Bhavesh Patel, BURNABY, BC)

“Just a note to let you know how much we all appreciate (and love) what you do! The slide presentation was amazing, much more than what I was expecting. Your photographs are absolutely beautiful, but I think what gives them what many photographers find hard to achieve is your obvious connection to the people and places you photograph. I know I’m very much looking forward to the next one.” (Jennifer Seymour, WEST VAN, BC)

“Amazing show! I want to leave for Nepal and Everest Base Camp today. Can’t wait to go. Will try to follow in your foot steps and make some Nepal friends but i do know your shoes are too big to fit. It was amazing how connected you were with the people. We will try out best. And thanks again for all the photo and travel tips lecture at VIC U and MEC.” (Jeremy Frerickson, TORONTO ONTARIO)

“I saw your show last week here in Toronto. At the end, the crowd didn’t seem to have many questions (at least, while I was there. I don’t know if people went up privately afterwards). I can’t speak for the whole crowd, but I for one had such a feeling of satisfaction during and after the show, that there was nothing more I needed. It both reminded me of some of my own travels, and gave me some ideas for future trips. The only thing I wanted after your show was to be off on a trip myself. So, thanks for a very enjoyable evening, deep on several levels, and just plane fun.” (Ayman Fez-burner, TORONTO ONTARIO)

”I’ll begin by telling you that I heard about this show one day prior to the event thru friends of mine who like you have a passion for the outdoors. I was fast captivated by your personality when you said hi to myself and two friends at the door, and thanked us for coming to the show (even before it started) You transmitted to the audience your passion for traveling, passion for people, new cultures. Your photography was incredible…. I wanted you to know that you did a great job at making people feel like they had been there. I REALLY ENJOYED YOUS SHOW!” (Alexandra Duarte, TORONTO ONTARIO)

“I went to see “Top of the World” last night and just wanted to let you know how great I thought it was. Your photography is beautiful and your enthusiasm and sense of humor made it that much more enjoyable. Having recordings of music, conversations and street noise was a great touch and made it all more like actually being there!” (Colleen Power, VANCOUVER, BC)

“One of the best multimedia presentations I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to LOTS). Technology conferences and seminars with multimillion dollar budgets weren’t anywhere near as interesting and fun as your trip presentation was…..ANYWAY, when do you plan on doing another show in Vancouver? I was raving about it with my colleagues at the office and was curious when you were going to present again. Thanks for a wonderful evening.” (Tavis Yeung, VANCOUVER, BC)

“Wow! I had a great time. The only hitch was my seat came unhinged on one side about half way through the show and left me hanging at a 45 degree angle! Kind of made the Himalayas look even steeper, I think” (Graham Peat, VANCOUVER, BC)

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