Tues. Apr. 30 / Langara College A130 Theatre / Vancouver



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PREMIERE: ROOM TO ROAM (Awe and wonder of Norway)
William’s 11th LIVE multimedia travel show of wild travel tales! Including epic hikes (with huge drops), mountain runs, cliff climb, dopplegangers, great people, hitching to an unpronounceable town, & almost going to hell. Come play along!

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(Rob Farden, Canon Cameras)

“Great show! loved it!”

(Jin Cheong, Sony Cameras Canada)

“Incredible show with stunning, breathtaking pictures & clips. Your shows are always such a highlight, uplifting, inspiring! Pure joy”

(E Hafeli, Vancouver)

    Trying to hitchhike from Svolvaer to Å. I had no clue how to even SAY where I wanted to go, making the sign virtually essential. It took 6 rides, but I did get to the very bottom of Lofoten to the magical wee town.
    Quite possibly the coolest location for any sportsfield ever. Henningsvaer, Lofoten, Norway. This is such an amazing part of the world.

“Excellent show last night in Langley! Great to live Vicariously via your many “heightened” adventures in the mountains”
(Al Richer – Langley, BC)

“That was an amazing show!!!!! You are incredible to have climbed and perched so close to the edges of those peaks!!! The whole event was spectacular from all aspects. Such a nice crowd. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
(Janice Luzcka, Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario)

“FANTASTIC! – Went to Room to Roam about Norway last night in Langley. William did it again ! Presented an amazing show with lots of great stories and amazing videos and images. Entertaining as always. Highly recommended!!
(Rob Farden, Canon Cameras, Surrey)

“Once more an incredible show with stunning, breathtaking pictures + clips. Your shows are always such a highlight, uplifting, inspiring + pure joy
wonderful + heartwarming to see how you interact, how you invite people you meet to be fully present, playful, fun + spontaneous. It sure motivates me to approach life open minded + live in the moment + of course to travel”
(Elisabeth Hafeli, Vancouver)

“Amazing show last night. You have the gift of human connection and that starts with being authentic. You are the real deal. I wish I had caught your Japan show because I lived in Nagoya, Japan for over 5 years and met my wife there. Nagoya isn’t a tourist destination but a great place to live. I hope to see your show again soon. Please keep them coming!”
(Michael V. Burnaby)

“I’m so glad I finally had the opportunity to see one of your shows. So engaging, informative and interactive! Your willingness to test your limits and interact with the “locals” is inspiring. Your passion is evident in the quality of the performance. Can’t wait to check out another of your shows”
(Catherine Oliver, Nanaimo)

“Once again William put on a fantastic show, this time about his trip to Norway. His focus on the people he befriends along the way, the superb nature photography, the energy, and sense of humour (and the absurd) that he brings to his shows always leaves his audience hungry for his next show.”
(Carolin Scott, Vancouver)

“William Jans is an amazing Multi Media Performer and travel documentary GENIUS I’ve been to all of his shows and have never been disappointed. He has infinite energy and a radiant smile that opens doors all over the world. What an inspiration of adventure and saying “YES|” to exploring the world’s cultures!”
(Tanya Gee, Richmond)

“William is the most brilliant person I’ve ever met. Such a thoughtful caring person. We all loved his show. Hope I can learn how to get his other shows on line. See you soon “
(Joan Whyte, White Rock, BC)

“Always a great show, good laughs, and new travel knowledge! This is the third show I have seen and it’s never a dull moment. I have been an adrenaline junkie for some time, and William’s photography and videography fulfills my adventurous soul. Thanks again William.”
(Des Carr, Maple Ridge)

“Your stories are so interesting and the chance to follow you around the world to see all these neat places and things to do is wonderful. Sharing your interactions with people along the way makes it feel real. The activities on the sides of the fjords were very cool and the photos did a great job – my legs felt hollow as they do when I’m experiencing a bit of anxiety on a cliff’s edge myself or watching our daughter do something risky!”
(Dave Weston, NAV CANADA)

“What a fantastic show! I had to duck out at Question time but loved it… you are very talented! It’s clear how much passion and care you took with preparing it… everyone around me was so excited and had been many times….the photos were amazing… I could not have peered down those heights myself…. Yikes! (Room to Roam Apr 30, 2024)
(Debra Von Mandl, Vancouver)

“Thanks again for the great show on your Norway adventures. You always put on a great show, with lots of work involved, showing of your adventures, stories of people you meet from around the world, and crazy enthusiasm for precarious perches. It’s always a fun, entertaining, and informative shows you put on and I (and friends I bring) really enjoy attending. I went to your Langley show as I didn’t want to miss seeing it, as I wouldn’t be available for the Vancouver date. I’m sure you’ll rock the house once again with your next showing”
(Sandra Matzek, Vancouver)

“Great show last night, loved it! Awesome! Interactive and love the message of travelling and embracing the moment and adventures in life. …also helped earlier with some Sony gear”
(Jin Cheong, Sony Cameras Canada)

“My wife and I attended William’s Travel shows religiously! Great cinematography, especially the drone shots (which added another dimension in his newer shows), and we loved how William interacted with the many people he met on the road (and on the steep paths). We’re excited for his next step which is streaming. Looking forward to “A Man, A Plan, Japan” that we can see from the comfort of our living room. The live shows are great, too, but we’re getting on in years and glad we can view without having to drive at night.”
(Wally Kunz, Vancouver BC)

“Thanks so much for another amazing and inspring travel show! The experiences you share clearly show your passion for travelling. This show and last year’s (Ire and Ice) really highlighted the stories of people you met along the way. I loved the connection with musical artists and your young drawing artist in Room to Roam. (With gratitude, Linda Ruck, Port Moody)

“Room to Roam” was my 4th show with William and I had very high expectations – did not disappoint!
Norway has been a bucket-list travel destination for us and I was excited to see how it looked through William’s lens. I did not expect to spend most of the show clutching my seat and being mesmerized by the stunning mountain photos looking both up AND down! I don’t think I unclenched for more than 10 minutes at a time throughout the show! His energy and humour made the time fly and only served to give me more reasons to plan an excursion to this beautiful part of our world.”
(Gloria Nichol, Port Coquitlam)

“I have had the pleasure of seeing William Jans live travel shows for over 10 years. The most recent one was Room to Roam. William has a unique presentation style that takes you on a whimsical journey of his life abroad, so be prepared to experience a gamut of emotions as you get a glimpse into the life of this amazing individual as he explores different countries and their cultures. From running marathons in all kinds of extreme terrain, to climbing on cliffs thousands of feet in the air just to go for tea; William will take you on a never-ending journey to explore the beauty of our planet and the wonders of humanity. He has touched so many lives with his positivity and shows us how connected we all are. From unusual coincidences with the people he meets on his journey, to randomly showing up in a village where he covered the costs that residents would have to pay personally for their cataract surgery beyond what was subsidized by charities, to restore their eyesight; William’s travels will show you a person that can share his own vulnerability, while staying humble, and caring. He takes on the challenges of his travel experiences and always seems to find his way through difficult scenarios that arise with a smile and carefree attitude. It is in his authenticity that we share a glimpse in the life of person that is squeezing every ounce of life into bringing joy to others. It is a life I admire and aspire towards, purpose and happiness.You can be part of the experience by joining William at any of his travel shows but be prepared. You will come away with a new sense of wonder and curiosity about the beauty of our planet and the people that live here, while yearning for the next adventure he brings us.It’s a magical journey!”
(Michael Lenz, Vancouver)

“Thank you for an amazing evening at your multi-media presentation of ‘Room to Roam’ presented at Langara College on April 30th. My friend Maureen and I said hello to you at the end and were delighted to attend an experience of Armchair Tourism’. At first I was put off by the idea of spending so much money to see a slide show or a movie when we may have gone to the Hollywood3 out in Pitt Meadows for their $3 Tuesday movie. was completely mistaken of course because your presentation was like actually travelling with you to Norway. I’m glad we got to be part of the audience that collectively assisted in funding your journey you enthusiastically shared with us. I bicycled through parts of Norway back in 1980 but it was nothing like the sorts of places and heights that you illustrated. I might never go where you did but it was great to see what I’m missing! You seem to meet lots of interesting characters in your travels. I especially enjoyed the Viking Scania bus driver with the F*** Y** T-shirt. ‘Olaf’? was one-of-a-kind! Best Wishes with all your endeavors and Keep up the Go(o)d work!” (Michael Neary, Pitt Meadows)
(**The friendly driver of the Scania bus with the low voice is Børge! Thanks – wrj)

“Wonderful show tonight. Always fun to see you on your adventures and great stories. The drone has also added a very unique point of view too.”
(David Cooper Photography, Vancouver)

(Paul Cosulich, Vancouver)

“William! Just wanted to let you know that i think this show was the best I have seen….why? It was smooth….great content….seamless…..and….no one minded the tech glitch……overall…..was just FANTASTIC! Thank you, dearest soul……loved it!”
(Tanya Gee, Richmond)

“Super enjoyable and entertaining show! Always inspiring to me and can never get over your endless energy and fearlessness.”
(Kevin Harrison, North Vancouver)

“Enjoyed my first trip to Norway. Nothing short of epic! I’m not so good with heights but you made it feel safe, fun and … edgy. Already anticipating Japan.”
(Marina Taylor, North Vancouver)

“Such a fun show last night! Always love hearing about your adventures.”
(Mandy4019, Vancouver)

“I loved your show!!! Well done and Bravo! It was a wonderful evening. I hope you are very proud of yourself. It was brilliant. So many decisions in that production that you made look seamless”
(Lori-Ann Speed, Deep Cove, BC)

“A wonderful show yesterday evening! I can only imagine how many hours you put in to produce such a comprehensive show.Uplifting and a lot of fun too.”
(Gerry Green, Burnaby)

“We went to William’s Norway show 2 nights ago. Was it great? Yes! Informative? Oh yes! Funny? As funny and charming as the man himself. There’s a bit of the Nardwuar in William’s approach. Part way thru the show a glitch happened with the equipment, the screen went up. No one seemed fussed as William and his assistant worked to get it back working in 2 minutes. I think the feeling in the audience was that it had already been so good that we’d gotten our money’s worth. This is the third show I’ve seen, and all equally fun and interesting. Do I know a lot more about Norway than I did? 100%. I look forward to the next one and would recommend it to any one, couch potato to adventurer.”
(Rick Patterson, Vancouver)

“The first time I saw one of William’s travel shows, I was blown away. It’s more than just imagery, but a multi-media performance. His story-telling narration, music, and dressing in costume at times makes for a hilariously entertaining and educational fun night out. Much better than wasting 2 hours watching some predictable Hollywood drivel. Photography for William isn’t just a job, it’s his passion. This is evident in his work and attention to detail. Yet he also knows how to personalize the shoot specifically to you – a rare skill among photographers these days who rely more on technological enhancements rather than bringing out the best in the photo subjects or setting during shooting. I highly recommend William for any photography needs you have!”
(Brent M, Burnaby)

“Just want to thank you for a remarkable night yesterday. Your show was peppered with good humour, people you met and not to forget the extraordinary pictures you took climbing the most hazardous mountains Norway has to offer. How you get people to participate and share in your jokes answering your many questions, was memorable. We most definitely want to check out your next performance. Thanks again!”
(Claus Wiig, Vancouver)

“My husband Fayaz and I really enjoyed you “Room to Roam” show on Tuesday. We’ve attended all 11, over the years, and loved them all!!I was one of the names that you drew for the streaming of your A MAN A PLAN JAPAN show and are looking forward to seeing that! Keep doing what you are doing. We so enjoy your stories and photography!”
(Angela Khaki, Vancouver)

“Great show, as always! Glad William is around to take on the challenges… I can’t live quite that close to the edge!
If you get a chance to see ROOM TO ROAM do it – now I want to go to Norway”
(Penny H, Vancouver)

“I loved the Norway slide show, as much as all your other shows I’ve been to”
(Mark Galloway, Sunshine Coast)

“William Jans seeks adventure and travels closer to the ground than most of us would dare. He’s rewarded with some extraordinary experiences—and it’s a pleasure to share them at his shows. You’ll leave inspired to step out of your comfort zone, too.”

(Georgia Straight Vancouver)

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