Tuesday April 30 / Langara College A130 Theatre / Vancouver



PREMIERE: ROOM TO ROAM (Awe and wonder of Norway)
William’s 11th LIVE multimedia travel show of wild travel tales! Including epic hikes (with huge drops), mountain runs, cliff climb, dopplegangers, great people, hitching to an unpronounceable town, & almost going to hell. Come play along!

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(Rob F. Canon Cameras)

“William Jans seeks adventure and travels closer to the ground than most of us would dare. He’s rewarded with some extraordinary experiences—and it’s a pleasure to share them at his shows. You’ll leave inspired to step out of your comfort zone, too.”

(Georgia Straight Vancouver)


FIRST REVIEWS JUST IN FROM APRIL 5,2024 LANGLEY SHOW! Thanks to all who came including from Nanaimo and Washington state too!

“Excellent show last night in Langley! Great to live Vicariously via your many “heightened” adventures in the mountains”
(Al Richer – Langley, BC)

“FANTASTIC! – Went to Room to Roam about Norway last night in Langley. William did it again ! Presented an amazing show with lots of great stories and amazing videos and images. Entertaining as always. Highly recommended!! (Rob Farden, Canon Cameras, Surrey)

“Once more an incredible show with stunning, breathtaking pictures + clips. Your shows are always such a highlight, uplifting, inspiring + pure joy
wonderful + heartwarming to see how you interact, how you invite people you meet to be fully present, playful, fun + spontaneous. It sure motivates me to approach life open minded + live in the moment + of course to travel” (Elisabeth Hafeli, Vancouver)

“Amazing show last night. You have the gift of human connection and that starts with being authentic. You are the real deal.
I wish I had caught your Japan show because I lived in Nagoya, Japan for over 5 years and met my wife there. Nagoya isn’t a tourist destination but a great place to live. I hope to see your show again soon. Please keep them coming!” (Michael Virlas, Langley)

“Always a great show, good laughs, and new travel knowledge! This is the third show I have seen and it’s never a dull moment. I have been an adrenaline junkie for some time, and William’s photography and videography fulfills my adventurous soul. Thanks again William.” (Des Carr, Maple Ridge)

“Your stories are so interesting and the chance to follow you around the world to see all these neat places and things to do is wonderful. Sharing your interactions with people along the way makes it feel real. The activities on the sides of the fjords were very cool and the photos did a great job – my legs felt hollow as they do when I’m experiencing a bit of anxiety on a cliff’s edge myself or watching our daughter do something risky!” (Dave Weston, NAV CANADA)

“Thanks again for the great show on your Norway adventures. You always put on a great show, with lots of work involved, showing of your adventures, stories of people you meet from around the world, and crazy enthusiasm for precarious perches. It’s always a fun, entertaining, and informative shows you put on and I (and friends I bring) really enjoy attending. I went to your Langley show as I didn’t want to miss seeing it, as I wouldn’t be available for the Vancouver date. I’m sure you’ll rock the house once again with your next showing” (Sandra Matzek, Vancouver)

“Thanks so much for another amazing and inspring travel show! The experiences you share clearly show your passion for travelling. This show and last year’s (Ire and Ice) really highlighted the stories of people you met along the way. I loved the connection with musical artists and your young drawing artist in Room to Roam. (With gratitude, Linda Ruck, Port Moody)

    Much fun! Trying to hitchhike from Svolvaer to Å. Yes, this is really a town with only ONE letter in its name. Is that not the coolest thing ever!? The problem I had no clue how to even SAY where I wanted to go, making the sign virtually essential ;-). It will be funny to share in the show the amount of ways people (including me) thought you pronounce this name! I loved travelling through Norway and met so many great people including the Hilmo Family who were so very kind, and I hope now come to visit me in “V” (ok… Vancouver). Yes, I put the Canadian flag on my sign in hopes that the perception that Canadians are “mostly harmless” would help get me on my way. It did! Took 6 rides with great folks, but I did get to the very bottom of Lofoten to the magical wee town of Å, the furthest south you can go on the Peninsula. Seabirds have even taken over window sills of buildings there, and you will absolutely hear them!

(Reviews FYI from A man a Plan Japan)

“I think I’ve seen all your shows and they never fail to bring LOTS of laughter, what with all your energy and (seemingly) fearless adventure-making! Something to look forward to!” (Lynda Clarke, Vancouver)

“You rock! Love your flare for Travel Adventure.” (Henry Wilsenack, Abbotsford)

“That was *amazing*!!! Such a knock out of the park!! I think people loved it. I loved it… completely amazing. Such a pro and calm onstage. It was such a great show!!! Congratulations!! :-)” (Colin Lochhead Vancouver)

“Wow! Just saw A Man A Plan Japan – like all your shows a great blend of the unusual and the fun but also chock full of educational content. Who know that Hakodate has the coolest tourist video in the entire world!” (Todd Malone, Richmond BC)

“I was quite blown away. I had no idea what to exepct!” (Randy Stark, Kamloops BC)

“I brought 13 yr old my son ‘to A Man, A Plan, Japan at John Oliver and we are going to try hard to come back for the China Show! he loved your show and so did I.” (Kelly Maxwell, Vancouver)

“I really enjoyed the show on Friday. It was very entertaining and you put together a story really well.” (Alison Liebel, Vancouver)

“A man a plan Japan was an awesome show. Totally Blown away!!!” (Sharon Wish, Vancouver)

    Quite possibly the coolest location for any sportsfield ever. Henningsvaer, Lofoten, Norway. This is such an amazing part of the world.

(Reviews FYI from IRE & ICE) “Really good! What an ending! Really loved it. Great Drone work” (Laurenne Emond, Vancouver)

“You are so awesome tonight. My friend Tracey said she felt like she was the one travelling” (Ann McMullen, Vancouver)

“Great show tonight. Best one yet!” (Kevin Sallows, Vancouver)

“Awesome show as always” (Estelle Matheson, Vancouver Island)

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