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(9)William’s 9th show! This latest show show takes you to the the famous blue city Chefchaouen, to some desert challenges, cool hikes and a tale of being followed for a month in Morocco. Previous shows have been seen by over 80,000 Canadians, with 15 sold out shows on the west coast alone (Some with over 850 people per night). Come see what the fuss is about. At this point since this show is BRAND NEW, there are no reviews or media comments but PLEASE check out any of the other shows to see why people line up in the rain to see this wild travel shows. Thanks for your interest and hope to see you soon!



From March 10 on Global TV Vancouver. A brief but fun piece and this might have been what helped sell out the first show a week in advance of the date (*second show added for April 4, 2019).

“Your life is inspirational. You live by your values. You open yourself to beauty and adventure. I can’t help but hit the pause button and reflect on your words “I hope they’ll like what I’ve done” – few words but sums up about you as an individual”

(Kim Lau, Writer for Langara Voice)

“It puts a smile on my face talking to people about your amazing shows.”

(Uta Delphine, Vancouver)


“Fabulously entertaining. The stories combined with the pictures made us feel we were there with you. We enjoyed seeing some truly scary, exciting, breathtaking and funny moments of your trip. Personally I loved the videos combined with the stills. Look forward to seeing more of your shows in the future” (Rob Sturgess, NIKON CANADA)

“The show was great! Really enjoyed it! I went to your web site and subscribed. I did see the Canon G7 in the show too!” (Rob Farden, CANON CANADA)

“I absolutely loved that, really interesting. Cant’ wait to see another!” (Genelle Routhier, Edmonton)

“Brilliant” (Carmella Gerlach, Edmonton)

“Fantastic show! All three generations of my family enjoyed it!” (Alan Stewart, Pender Harbour)

“ The show was amazing! Gah, I want to go to Morocco right now!! Like this minute!” (Estelle Matheson, Vancouver)

“Thanks for a great show. We love your energy and the engaging presentations of your travels” (Gary Logan, Salt Spring)

“Forget armchair traveling. William’s shows are much more than that. Amazing photos, captivating video clips (some even with drones) and first hand stories of beautiful places. He isn’t shy to meet people and he immerses himself in the surroundings. This is traveling up close, sharing all his experiences, good, bad and funny. William consistanly delivers excellent shows that are not to be missed.” (Carol Polloni, Vancouver)

“Love your shows!” (Johanne Gorgichuk, Edmonton)

“Shadows in Morocco was great. I’m glad I got my tix confused so now I can see Off the Wall in China, too!” (Wally Kunz, Vancouver)

“I’ve seen all your shows and your Morocco show was absolutely funtastic!! I found myself with my mouth gaping open a few times, which astonished me, as rarely anything makes me drop my jaw in awe. it was also funny, educational and very inspirational. I’ve also hung up two of your posters in a couple of places in the West End and East side. It puts a smile on my face talking to people about your amazing shows. I so look forward to seeing your China show on the 28th!” (Uta Delphine, Vancouver)

“You do amazing things!” (Dana Irving, North Vancouver)

“Your show last night was fantastic! My daughter had a smile on her face almost the entire time and had been to many of the places you had also visited. The tannery, blue city, Even the hostel that you stayed at. It was fantastic to see the standing ovation at the end, you looked so moved, what a great recognition of your efforts!” (Katherine Bamford, Vancouver)

“Awesome! The show had me interested the whole time, despite a long day that had me so exhausted” (Mike Mander, Photographer, Vancouver)

“Superb show” (Kit Griffin, Vancouver)

“BLOWN AWAY BY the Morocco show tonight!!! Your shows are even better than I expected. Yahoo! So fun to go with the whole gang too!” (Rae St. Arnault, Vancouver)

“Thank you for the amazing evening!!!!!!! The show was spectacular and really affirms our desire to visit Morocco again. Probably without a drone though!!!!!!!! Very well done and highly entertaining! Definitely heading for your YouTube site. (Doug and Gail Semple, Vancouver)

“So much Fun” (Mark Fromson, Vancouver)

“Great show – love hearing about and seeing your “mis”adventures!” (Sondra Ramsden, Langley)

“Awesome show! Loved it!” (Kay McQueen)

“It was fun! Glad you didn’t break your foot or get meningitis this time! I have seen your China, Morocco, and Japan shows so far!” (Jason Kazuta, photographer, Vancouver)

“We had such a great time and the show was awesome. You’re a great showman and we really loved it.” (Melanie Bitner, Squamish BC)

“Want to have a great night of hearing a great story teller, seeing beautiful photos and learning about William Jans Adventures? Don’t think about it, just do it! Buy the tickets and have a great time!!! I enjoy your story telling very much and I want to ensure others get the opportunity to see you in action too” (Garnet Ryder, posting on Facebook)

“Great show last night! I have been to Morocco so some of the scenes were familiar but your pictures are a lot better than mine and more entertaining. Thanks for a fun evening.” (Hana B. on Instagram)

“The show was excellent my brother also really enjoyed it too. We had front row!” (Chris Mager, Vancouver and Richard Mager, Palo Alto, California)

“Great show tonight!” (Minton Fung, Abbotsford)

“Exciting, fun and surprising. Felt like I was there travelling myself!” (Michelle Parry, Salt Spring Island)

“Thoroughly enjoyed your Morocco show… Another great adventure!!! As always you made us feel like “we were there with you”. I think the standing ovation at the end said it all!!!! (Brian and Debbi Anderson, White Rock)

“Amazing! Very impressive indeed!!” (Trevor Millar, Vancouver)

“Great show last night. It was super to see the house full” – (Eric Stewart, Langara College, Vancouver)

“My wife Deanna & I really enjoyed your “Shadows in Morocco” Show At Langara Theatre on April 4, 2019. We have never travelled To Morocco, thus it was an extraordinary experience to view your fantastic filming of that part of the world. It was exciting to hear you speak your version of the fun, exciting places you toured while there. You really were a brave soul to have climbed the many steep mountains, travelled across endless hot deserts etc. Your show was a unique adventure for us to view. You selected nice background music for your film, coordinating people, scenery, traffic etc. We also enjoyed seeing you change into various Moroccan garments too, was a good idea! We’ve been fortunate to have seen all your wonderful shows. Will look forward to more. Thank you! “Allan & Deanna Wong, White Rock BC)

“Loved the “Shadows in Morocco” show. It’s the best show yet (and I’ve seen a few). Glad to see what I’ll see when I go to Morocco this fall” (Bonny Deren, Surrey, BC)

“Absolutely awesome show!! I felt so deeply moved!! Incredible and out of this world. Standing ovation! I have seen all of your always spectacular shows! (Elizabeth Frei, Vancouver)

“It was tons of fun! Great show!” (Michelle Fleming, Richmond)

“That was awesome! It’s interesting to note (from your zany prize draw) how far people come to see your shows!” (Liessi Haussler, Burnaby)

“Thanks for the Best Show Ever!” (Richard Kay, Vancouver)

“We loved the show. William is just amazing” (Joan Whyte, White Rock, BC)

“Loved it! Felt like I had been there!” (David Holt, Salt Spring Island)

“Great show William!” (Kay McQueen)

“We really enjoyed your show up in Pender Harbour. You hit all the marks for an entertaining evening! Thanks for an engaging time” (Steve Gye, Gibsons)

“We really enjoyed your very entertaining presentation tonight. We were so immersed in the show that we came back to the cabin feeling like we had just been to Morocco!” (John Schleimer, Pender Harbour)

“Fantastic show!!” (Heather Anderson, Langley (I think?)

“If you haven’t seen a William Jans live show, you are missing out!” (Mayette Ostonal on facebook, Vancouver)

“First Class edutainment” (Neil Parker, Vancouver)

“Really enjoyed the show. It inspired me to travel again. You are an awesome public speaker and the show was really engaging!” (Kelly H. Vancouver)

“Fun and fascinating. If you want to see someone who is living every minute of life, don’t miss any of his shows. (Michael Lenz, Richmond)

“Your shows are awesome!” (Gail Stephan, Vancouver)

“It was really late, my parents let me stay up. I want to do that crazy hike too!” (Pippa Scott, Age 10)

“Fantastic Show!” (Sheryl Watson, Vancouver)

“I really, really liked the Morocco show. The stories made me laugh and the photographs are beautiful. It was super interesting all the way through. Now I want to travel more as well!” (Solveig V. AGE 10, Vancouver)

“Was such a great show!!! Love hearing your stories and of course seeing your photos” (Amanda Jamieson, Vancouver (to William Jans Live Shows on Facebook)

“It was a fantastic show! Thanks for the great evening!!” (Merryn Myrtle on Facebook)

“Totally captivating show! Loved it and always inspiring to see how adventuresome you are and how you can bring the smiles to the faces.” (Kevin Harrison, North Vancouver)

“Another wonderful evening!” (Garnet Ryder, Vancouver)

“You are an amazing contributor to what travelling really can and should be. Bridging cultures, languages, having fun, and really getting to know the local people“ (Rae St. Arnault, Vancouver – via William Jans Live Shows on Facebook)

“What a fantastic show! Our boys loved it too.” (Catherine Yoell, North Vancouver)

“Thank You Thank You Thank You William!!! Your show that had us on the edge of our seats. We are anticipating another fantastic show March 22nd!” (Tony and Doreen Semple, Delta)

“William’s show was wonderfully entertaining! A great way to spend an evening. We look forward to attending more of his shows!” (Julie and Des Carr, New West, BC)

“Fantastic photography show, William Jans! I doubt I will ever get to Morocco, but you took us all there in gorgeous photos and lively stories. Thank you!” (Tracey Wimperley, North Vancouver)

“Why didn’t you keep one of the cats?” I liked the photo of the King on the Jet ski too!” (Isabella Scott, AGE 10, Vancouver)

“I just saw your amazing Morocco show! I wonder if you are planning on a tour in the Kootenays any time soon. One of my best friends and I were in Morocco 36 years ago with my parents, as teenagers, when my dad had a job in Spain for a year. She lives in Nelson, and I know she’d love your show ~ it brings back memories of the beauty we saw, adventures we had and friendly people we met! No secret police, as far as I know…” (Tanya Hansen, Vancouver)

“Great show. I rally liked the languages, the rock man, and the fellow painting the blue city” (Susan Scott, Vancouver)

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