What a grand adventure indeed! Last week I had the exhausting pleasure of running most of the Canyon and back. 28 miles from Phantom Ranch to North rim and back. I did that in 6:30 and am pleased with that.

The real full deal is doing Rim to Rim to Rim, but with the North rim being closed, and with that being 70 plus km (44 miles) if I did Rim to rim to rim, I would not been able to do much else or shoot many photos etc. I am pleased this will be a fun little video piece that will come out in my newsletters (subscribe here)

Here are some fun images I will be able to remember my adventure with. I hope you are on my email list to get the announcement and link when the short video link gets posted. Yahooooo.

I had to drink over NINETEEN bottles of liquid to pull this off (15 bottles Electrolyte replacement stuffs, 4 plain water).

I ran with FOURTEEN POUNDS of cameras, food, and emergency clothes!

Running downhill from the North Rim back to Cottonwood in 1:13:00. That is 7 miles downhill. Woot woot!

Some trails carved right into the walls. Amazing!

THis might be interesting… the half way point (North rim – before turning back) is the highest point at the very top middle of the photo…. the route goes all the way along that valley canyon then pops up to the North rim just at the very top of that. It will seem like a tiny little bump here. 22 miles away from this point following 7 miles down, 8 miles across, 7 miles up!

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