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29th Pender Harbour Camping Weekend: (anytime within Thurs Aug 18 to Mon Aug 22, 2022).

  • COME!: Yo are cordially invited to come and camp at my lovely lot in Pender Harbour. only 100 km from Vancouver. Incredibly warm lake, swimming, canoeing, hiking, general mirth. All nice people having a nice time. Please join?
  • CYCLING: want to ride? Some do. but it would be great if one of us cycling has a partner or friend who can carry your stuff. Let me know? I would appreciate help with movie projection gear brought up so I can cycle too.
  • PLEASE RSVP NOW: with comment on bottom or page and/or email William
  • Sorry no pets. Please ask me before bringing others. This is not a rave or drinking event, just good clean fun.

E-mail William now to RSVP

Just general fun hanging around, camping, swimming, etc, but we can also do SCHEDULED EVENTS:

  • A Flotilla of Flotsam: A fun contest we can have where everyone has to get on something floating and race to the island to find a clue.
  • Hike: Maybe we can all go up pender hill at one time for an adventure?
  • Group photo: I can do it with a drone this time!
  • Humiliation Goodminton: How many players can we really have at one time?
  • Joke off: Maybe everyone can bring a joke. Good or bad. We will roast them around the fire pit.
  • Movie nights: I will list a great movie all can enjoy here later. Suggestions welcome. Old timey is A OK too!
  • Rideshare: may be posted below too. Less cars is more better.

The big deck is, well, big!

The “excessive trail” has 7 bridges so far.

Walk through “FUZZVILLE: Population: you!”

The Upper Cabin

Deer have even been seen under the deck!

Expats who explored and explained in 2013!

People who poised and pointed in 2014!

We may reattach the dock better than this method

Near the end of the Excessive Trail.


Yes you could ride here too!

Pender Hill always worth a visit.

Double Rainbow!

Friends who held hands high in 2016!

Thanks to those who wish to toss in cash for fuel, hydro, dock build, etc. Always appreciated.


  • I will add as I hear more. So far I hope to ride and hope to have assistance bringing up movie gear and my food thanks.

PEOPLE COMING AND WHEN: (for working on commuting link ups is as listed here) (NO you dont have to have a reservation, but when busy could mean a sailing wait)
Des and Diane – Thurs Aug 18 morning to Mon Aug 22 midday
KC – Thurs Aug 18 ( I think) to Mon aug 22 midday
Jeff Nishimura and RAN Thurs Aug 18 (midday after sail wait) to Mon Aug 22 midday (YES now coming with RAN
Caoimhe hoping to go up Friday AM or Sat and back Sunday eve… Rides would be her only way, but timing may be problem

William cycle up Thurs Aug 18 to Mon Aug 22 (needs lift back w bike. Could be with KC, Jeff, or Des)
ERIC cycling up Thurs Aug 18 morning to Mon Aug 22 midday (back in car w KC)
Meghan cycling up Aug 19 Friday and cycle back Sunday Aug 21

Brent Riza and family (Friday later in day evening till ) BTW full car no space.

– am I am bringing up about 8 corn to share with who ever wants whenever. Please eat them 🙂
– fi someone may wish to bring about 4 eggs, I can also make pancakes one day. If someone else brings frozen fruit and yogurt they can most decadent too. No big deal either way.
– Looking forward to seeing you all. Thanks William 604-209-5050