#26 PH CAMP PIX (MAY 2019)


Stacked images again… mostly in order 🙂



Brent asks Melanie and Baden if it is appopriate to leave a sleeping child in the forest… 😉

Starfish off the dock while Eric slowly drowns!

Melanie painted this photo of me while we were dating back in 2001. She kindly allowed me to put it up here (and this is the first time she is seeing it in place!

Eric being awesome and helping build the big bridge number 2 on the excessive trail (there will be 5 bridges total. Pretty excessive!

May Day 4 km run put us right by Jackie’s home who kindly came out to wave while all the runners greeted her by name!

Mckenzie Stewart is really an olympian! She will be in Canada’s Bobsled team! Awesome. And clearly she is strong if she can lift me!