#25 PH CAMP PIX (AUG 2018)

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This note let by total strangers. Awesome!!



Kevin got a headwind ride, I was luckier with more normal. yahoo.

The new list of wazzup for the weekend thanks to KC for the dry erase board!

Jeff makes a grand return and his car is loaded with snacks. Border security could have caught him with trafficable amounts of sugar!



Yes we found an orca in the water nearby. Their detritus becomes our flotsam! ha!




Crazy bug… turns out it is a stink bug. I think?


Kevin: why do these berries have such an interesting flavour?….


William: I don’t know?

I felt bad that we had to employ a professional male model to show everyone else how it is done. Master Keith gives the first of his three part lessons…

Kevin tries his hand at male modelling. Nope.

Frankenstien required to reanimate this bug!

Jeff procures products to explode our sweet teeth!


Mandatory ALL PLAY GOODMINTON was a real highlight!


MOVIE MOON was great.

Keith in his lizard suit. Such a professional actor. he can embody any role.


Deer deer me!


Kevin and Eric tweaking the new EXCESSIVE TRAIL. Check it out! SO great.


Celebrity visits dealt with with great respect…


I am so happy I was told a had a tiny bit of dirt on my face and should take a pic. I had no idea! Love it!

Nice timing Darlene!