#23 PH CAMP PIX (AUG 2017)

Stacked images again… so, it is a long way down, but they are worth seeing!

Thanks to the amazing people who came and made these memories!

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Mom and Natasha drinking in the joy and giving it all back!


Dave and Dad on the other lot.


The skitter net. needs a new easier roof to keep bugs out, but the walls are great!


Always time to dance. Maire had to dance with me since Dave is busy cooking I think!

He’s playing all the bumpers, he’s always playing clean.. you aint seen nothing like it…


Mark robbins brings his son to play in the woods for a day. Hope they return for more time in the water!

Des being Des. He is pretty good at that.

New Bumper!!

Martha first ever visit! Yay!





Building the new outdoor movie screen for the tiny cabin!


Natasha is the best trail builder ever I think!

Tight corner?