P.H. Shows: “IRE & ICE” (Oct 14)… “A MAN A PLAN JAPAN” (nov 4)

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“IRE & ICE” – P.H. School of Music / Sat. Oct. 14, 2023 / 6:30 doors, 7 show

“A MAN A PLAN JAPAN” – P.H. School of Music / Sat. Nov. 4, 2023 / 6:30 doors, 7 show

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Join Vancouver photographer & adventurer William Jans for this 10th and newest multimedia show about absurd travels. Including Cork, Castles, Characters and Charm. Fantastic accents from friendly people. Then onwards to Iceland with its impossible waterfalls, great topography and creative and clever people. Including stuff about elves, volcanos, languages, and a perhaps less than delicious delicacy. Come see why these infrequent live shows are so popular and often sell out.Over 80,000 Canadians have seen previous shows including 15 sold out west coast shows with 850 people per night. Come see what all the fuss is about.

“A MAN A PLAN JAPAN (and Ran in Hunan!)”

This wild multimedia show about absurd travels takes you to China & Japan! Flashy Festivals, Insane runs (including an outrageous road in China), an abandoned amusement park, going thru the Buddha’s nostril, Fake food, Bond Island, Art Island, Rockabilly, Radiation, Sumo Wrestling and a foolhardy attempt to cover Japan from top to bottom one one week long rail pass! Come play along!



(Shonna Marlo-Kwasny, Edmonton)

“Amazing photographer and videographer as well. Good laughs!”

(Jin Cheong, Vancouver, Sony Cameras, Canada)

“Fabulous experience as always! Your talent and energy is infectious. I couldn’t help but squeal in your face: ‘I f***ing loved it!’”

(Natasha Jahrsdoerfer, Vancouver)

“So smooth and flawless!”

(Lily Ma, Edmonton)

“Love your sense of humour so much!”

(Alfred Steinborn, Edmonton)

“Amazing Show!”

(Chad Bowie, Edmonton)

  “So enchanting and enigmatic! How you speak is so excitable, just cannot help but listen and watch. ” (Shonna Marlo-Kwasny, Edmonton, Mar 3, 2023)

“Brilliant!” (Nick Woodhouse, Vancouver)

“I love your adventurous spirit and the unique immersive experience you offer at your shows. We will be back! My (11 year old) daughter enjoyed it though it was a bit past her bedtime by the time we finally got back home (to the USA), It was lovely! I really appreciated the way you travel with an open heart and mind relating to the cultures you meet. You managed to relate with locals with a goofy flair and it was refreshing to see. Looking forward to seeing your Norway show!” (Tana Kaiser, Bellingham USA)

“Thank you for an entertaining and inspiring evening at KPU. What I appreciated most about your show was your love for the people who inhabit the places you visit. It seems to me that this is the real jewel of your experience – connecting with others and sharing the joy of being alive in this beautiful world. Your shows are an antidote to the pain we hear about in the news, and a reminder that there are good people everywhere. We need a lot more William’s in the world! Thank-you for spreading kindness, tolerance, playfulness and respect. With warm appreciation (Janice Titleborn, Langley)

“I had a fabulous experience as always! Thank you for all that you do. Your talent and en-ergy is infectious. I couldn’t help but squeal in your face: ‘I f&%king loved it!” (Natasha Jahrsdoerfer, Vancouver)

“I found your show just marvellously inspiring and driving home with a deep ap-preciation for you and your work! You are an ambassador of love and I admire you.” (Paul Cosulich, Vancouver)

“I enjoyed your Ire & Ice show so much, fantastic. You have such amazing journeys and your photography is breathtaking. Your audience had such a good time, lots of laughs and applause. So so nice that your new and I am sure lifelong friend flew across the world to see you and support you. So fun to watch his reaction when he saw himself on the big screen” (Barbara Graf, Mount Vernon, USA)

“Just wanted you to know how much your Show is appreciated! You are so flexible and incredible that you managed to turn a crowded space into such a positive experience for people.  As a premiere, your presentation was fantastic and was so smooth and flawless!!!! The drone pictures were amazing!!” (Lily Ma, Edmonton, Mar 3, 2023)

“Really good! What an ending! Really loved it. Great Drone work” (Laurenne Emond, Vancouver)

“You are so awesome tonight. My friend Tracey said she felt like she was the one travelling” (Ann McMullen, Vancouver)

“Great show and that fermented shark was by far the worst thing I have ever eaten in my life” (Graeme S, Surrey)

“Great show tonight. Best one yet!” (Kevin Sallows, Vancouver)

“Awesome show as always” (Estelle Matheson, Vancouver Island)

“The show is basically your weird uncle’s travel slideshow on steroids.” (Stephen Hamm, Vancouver)

“Informative, funny and of course, the photos were tops! Stay safe… I worried about you standing on those high cliffs. ” (Helen Vermeulen, Edmonton)

“It is an amazing show. Make sure you come see this one.” (Chad Bowie, Edmonton)

“Sooooo Great. Fantastic Show” (Dr Tanya Gee)

“The show was awesome!” (Brent Matsuda, Burnaby)

“Wowie William! Your show last night was so good! It was full of warm fuzzies and joy, of course adventure and a quite a lot of vertigo. Your new friend from Iceland was such a delight as well. Congratulations on all the hard work!” (Dana Irving, North Vancouver)

“Great show last night…maybe Ireland is our next trip! I took a video clip of the shark tasting if you want to use it” (Rob Quiring, Vancouver)

“Went to your Friday show and had a great time. It was hilarious to meet your friend from the Icelandic restaurant! Thanks for a great show” (John Swanson).

“I absolutely loved going to your shows. Your photos are beautiful and the stories are so entertaining. I attended your show about Japan at Langara, in Vancouver. Looking forward to seeing you in person again” (Sandy Wong, Vancouver)

(From GETCA teachers conference shows) “I arrived early so was able to enjoy having a seat for both shows. All around me the same question was being asked, “Why such a small venue? Don’t they know how great he is?” Thank you again for such an incredible tour of the people and places of Ireland and Iceland. As my grandpa is from Ireland and my Grandma is from Iceland , it was a remarkable opportunity to see both of their home countries at the same time! Thank you again for bringing countries and people to life. I love how you always say to travel with a smile. Especially at this time , it is such a wonderful reminder of how we are all connected and that a smile can be spoken in any language. I look forward to your next event. Safe travels” (Marie Lamarre, Edmonton)

“WOW! WOW! and WOW! Again. Superlatives fail us. What an exhilarating performance. All landscapes, people and language segments a delight. Kudos to your Icelandic guest and his memorable participation. Smells and all! Just keep on doing what you’re doing! (Cathy and Jim Willis, Richmond, BC)

(from GETCA conference shows): “It was squishy but awesome! I’ve already asked the GETCA president to make sure you get a bigger space for your new Norway show next year!” (Michelle Aoki, Edmonton)

“What a great show, so many funny moments mixed in with amazing stills & drone footage!!!! Love your sense of humor so much and would recommend to anyone who loves to travel or are looking for a very entertaining evening. Well done sir, well done!! ” (Alfred Steinborn, Edmonton)

“I thoroughly enjoyed your Ire and Ice presentation in Vancouver, highlighting how you really connect positively with the locals as you travel, to the extent that some of them follow you to Vancouver! I do think that Icelandic saying should be “the raisin at the end of the hot spring” (instead of “hot dog”) because after spending too long in an Icelandic hot pool, one can look like a raisin.: (Jennifer Lamb, Vancouver)

“So entertaining with the mixture of still photography, drone footage and interviews!!! Love your sense of humour so much. Great show, thanks again” (Alfred Steinborn, Edmonton, Mar 12, 2023)

“I loved your show!!! Well done and Bravo! It was a wonderful evening. I hope you are very proud of yourself. It was brilliant. So many decisions in that production that you made look seamless” (Lori-Ann Speed, Deep Cove, BC)

“Thanks for the entertaining evening on Tuesday. Really nice to see you in your element. Great sto-ries and experiences that you are lucky to have had. I don’t know if I could travel in your style but I certainly enjoy it vicariously” (Dave Weston, Langley)

“Wonderful show! I saw it last night and enjoyed it thoroughly. William was in fine form, and we were all in stitches at the end. Definitely, you should go!” (Mary Jensen, Richmond)

“A great night out for my friend and I. Could we have smiled any harder??! We reminisced about the first show we saw at the Ridge, plus others downtown & at Langara, and think this is your best show yet! Appreciate all the time you put in and of course your wonderful talents of photography and storytelling! We had a fantastic time. God, you are crazy brave with those heights. The drone captures the experience way too well. Nev-er thought heights bothered me, now I know” (Chris Okabe, Vancouver)

“Saw Ire & Ice in Edmonton, Fabulously done!!” (Barb W, Edmonton)

“Amazing photographer and videographer as well. Good laughs, interesting stories and even a sur-prise guest! ” (Jin Cheong, Sony Cameras, Canada)

“Thank you for a great presentation, Yesterday’s show exceeded all my expectations! It was the evening of fun, beauty, and total enjoyment! (Ekaterina Spooner, Vancouver)

“William Jans’ sessions are my favourite part of convention! His stories and pictures whet my appetite for travel and some of the videos definitely get my heart rate up! A group of us make sure to attend whenever he is in town. Thank you for taking us away from our every day life to new places and experiences we would never attempt on our own.” (Lori Boomer, Edmonton, Mar 3, 2023)

“Ehmm ehmm, that was awesome” (Eric Derbez, Vancouver)

“Me and my mom had a great time! You put on quite a show and it was entertaining.” (Roxana, Surrey), March 21, 2023

“It was a great show, especially meaningful for us because Wendy is in Ireland, for about another 6 weeks. Al-ready looking forward to the next stories” (Teresa Wimberley, North Vancouver)

“I watched it 3 times (helping with show) and I still still love it and could see it again.” (Joan Reynolds, White Rock) March 22, 2023

“Wonderful” (Heather Anderson, Langley)

“Fascinating to see” (Dr. Sandy Ko, Vancouver)


“William Jans seeks adventure and travels closer to the ground than most of us would dare. He’s rewarded with some extraordinary experiences—and it’s a pleasure to share them at his shows. You’ll leave inspired to step out of your comfort zone, too.”

(Georgia Straight Vancouver)

Very engaging. Hilarious. We were cackling the whole time. Lots of laughs we really enjoyed it.”

(Mike Woods, Vancouver)

“Great show! Very entertaining as usual. Too bad about your foot. Was climbing Mt Fuji out of the question at that point?” (Ian Howell, Surrey, BC)

“A man a plan Japan was an awesome show. Totally Blown away!!!” (Sharon Wish, Vancouver)

“I think I’ve seen all your shows and they never fail to bring LOTS of laughter, what with all your energy and (seemingly) fearless adventure-making! Something to look forward to!” (Lynda Clarke, Vancouver)

“You rock! Love your flare for Travel Adventure.” (Henry Wilsenack, Abbotsford)

“That was *amazing*!!! Such a knock out of the park!! I think people loved it. I loved it… completely amazing. Such a pro and calm onstage. It was such a great show!!! Congratulations!! :-)” (Colin Lochhead Vancouver)

“Wow! Just saw A Man A Plan Japan – like all your shows a great blend of the unusual and the fun but also chock full of educational content. Who know that Hakodate has the coolest tourist video in the entire world!” (Todd Malone, Richmond BC)

“I was quite blown away. I had no idea what to exepct!” (Randy Stark, Kamloops BC)

“I brought 13 yr old my son ‘to A Man, A Plan, Japan at John Oliver and we are going to try hard to come back for the China Show! he loved your show and so did I.” (Kelly Maxwell, Vancouver)

“I really enjoyed the show on Friday. It was very entertaining and you put together a story really well.” (Alison Liebel, Vancouver)

“Just wanted to thank you again for a highly entertaining, fascinating, and enlightening show last night in Squamish. My wife, Margie, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Your interactions with the people you meet are what sets you apart from the mundane. I hope you have packed venues for your upcoming shows in Vancouver. Many thanks!” (Bryce Powell Squamish, BC).

“My husband and I both LOVED your show at JO school last week. Fantastic! The photography and how you told the stories was wonderful. I also thought the costume changes were pretty cute. We look forward to seeing more of your shows in the future!” (S.M., North Vancouver)

‪”@williamjans‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ awesome!! 
what a great show that was William – much success to you in all your future presentations!” (Vida Morkunas, Vancouver)

“Enjoyed the show last night! Great to experience the culture of Japan with you. Too bad about your foot on that trip.” (Frank Gundermann, Mission, BC)

“Hey you are the superstar! Your show was great. So many great photos and experiences, and well presented. Excellent.” (Lynn Plautz, Vancouver)

I RAN SOME OF THIS ROAD IN CHINA! I may be the first to ever try too. Not allowed, but something I had hoped to try for many years.

“Great show last night. Mom and I had a blast! She thinks you’re nuts… I already knew that. She said it went by so fast… thought it was only 9 pm when you ended.” (Natasha Tresham, Langley)

“My 4th time seeing a William Jans Show. They are always great fun and this was no exception!! William is a great story teller and his shows always make me want to plan my next trip.” (Marc Leblanc, Vancouver BC)

“Amanaplanjapan was a blast! Thank you. Will be telling my friends about your upcoming shows in town!” (Brent Matsuda, Burnaby BC)

YES people can really get shoved into train cars to fit them in like sardines. This is the crazy Saikyu line coming in to Yamanote station. I opted to ride it too, and was nervous for a long time about trying this daring feat 😉

“Wow! Just saw A Man A Plan Japan – like all your shows a great blend of the unusual and the fun but also chock full of educational content. Who know that Hakodate has the coolest tourist video in the entire world!” (Todd Malone, Richmond BC)

“Very engaging. Hilarious. We were cackling the whole time. Lots of laughs we really enjoyed it.” (Mike Woods, Vancouver)

Fashion so forward it is into the future. Cutting edge / avant grade / and sometimes nutty clothing abounds in Takashita.

“Very fun show. Thanks for the evening.” (Eric Stewart, Langara Photo Tech Program)

“Wonderful show as always!” (Bernadette McGregor, Surrey)

”I finally got to see a show and it was long overdue. Your sense of adventure and ability to go with the flow with all the travel and new culture and your enthusiam was enlightening and just great to see. Thanks for sharing your travels!!!”( ‪Bonnie Eva Christensen‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‪, Vancouver)‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

“We really enjoyed William’s A man, a plan, Japan show! He sure has a following of fans that look forward to each show! (Deanna and Alan Wong, White Rock)

“Thanks for an fantastic show, William. I laughed so hard. I was actually wiping tears from my eyes!‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬” (‪Celia Quigley‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‪, Vancouver)‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

“Just returned from A MAN A PLAN JAPAN – William Jans’ new show. It is great! Don’t miss it! Now I want to spend a month in Japan, and visit the country from the very North to its most Southernmost tip. William is funny and charming, and the people he meets during his travels are friendly, gentle and so quirky! I loved all the sights and sounds and tales of William’s adventures – and William’s costumes were a real treat! What a wonderful, wonderful evening.” (vida Morkunas, Vancouver)

“Great night. Awesome. We had a blast and hope to make the May 1 China show too. Hope you can catch up on some sleep. You’re going to need it!” (Michelle James, Vancouver)

I love that this image brings up sooo many questions… I will explain in the show 😉

“Great show, William! I brought two friends who hadn’t heard of you before. They loved it! We are all coming to your May 1st Show.” (Owen Davis, Vancouver)

“That was a blast! Maria and I laughed all the way home. Definitely a fun show.” (Donna Hull, Vancouver)

“Thanks for a great show yesterday! (@vancouverjess, Vancouver)

“Excellent show, William (minus the lack of a break in those hard seats) Fully entertaining. Now get some sleep!“ (Meagan Fitz James Vancouver)

“Just want to let you know how great your show was last night. So entertaining! Really William. Congrats! Thanks and good luck with the other shows!” (Dana Irving Stark, North Vancouver)

“Fun and fantastic show!” (Marni Keeping, White Rock)

“Great show as usual, thanks William!‬” (Jill Yeomans, Vancouver)

“I brought 13 yr old my son ‘to A Man, A Plan, Japan at John Oliver and we are going to try hard to come back for the China Show! he loved your show and so did I.” (Kelly Maxwell, Vancouver)

Sumo was AMAZING! The spectacle and the posturing too. Unbelievable. Highly recommended.

“Brilliant Show” (Rob Grover, North Vancouver)

“Your shows are always amazing William! Not just for the entertainment value but also because they inspire people to get off the usual path and have adventures. Just awesome, and I think this was one of the best shows yet ! xo” (‪Estelle Matheson‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‪, Vancouver)‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

“Really enjoyed your Vancouver show! Thanks William – what a great night out for all of us!!!” (Mike Sullivan, Vancouver)


Older interview from Toronto CITY TV you might find fun if you are still undecided.

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@williamjans on Instagram


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