1) – Tragically hip (I love that Gordon Downie acts insane on stage. Performers need to put on a show beyond the music and I feel the Hip do that well.)

2) – Working in the lost and found. People are pretty darn happy if you have their stuff. Shocking amount of Drivers Licenses and combination Passport/ DL/ Birth certificate together (What were they thinking bringing all that). We were trying to coax people that we reunited with their stuff to “pay it forward.” Do something nice when you least feel like it. Especially in traffic!

3) – Flaming lips put on a good spectacle, but Wayne Cody needs to stop demanding love from an audience. Earn it don’t demand it.



1) I got a $598 ticket from Police on the way back since I didn’t know my insurance was not up to date. Ouch!

2) – Poor Rebecca in the dish pit for 6 hours… – – this bad volunteer shift led to a great one of doing security for Coldplay (in the pit)!

3) – Transport mismanagement by Live nation. A fiasco. I calculated that people leaving “right after the gig” would not get home till 7 or 8 am Monday.

**** My friend NARDWUAR was on his way up to interview Jay-Z after getting an email at 10 am Sunday. Long drive for a 6-minute interview. He left right afterwards too to drive back!

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