It is just from film called Final Destination 5, but it is so cool to watch this if you LIVE in Vancouver as this is absolutely the LIONS GATE BRIDGE, but I am sure none of us could ever expect this happening.

Warning it does get a bit gory, but I guess that is what the kids want these days 😉

Worth seeing for some pretty high End CGI, and if you are like me and get a kick out of seeing Vancouver in movies.


  1. The acting is even worse than the gore, but a fun video to watch since it’s local. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I never even knew this even happened or when, was it an earth quake, what happened,

    • It never did happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Do you think it wouldn’t be reported in the news??????????
      Do you think they repaired it?????????
      I have lived in North Vancouver for 64 years and the bridge never collapsed.
      The Iron Workers bridge did collapse while under construction in 1958.
      Do not make an ass of yourself with the Lions Gate bridge story.

      • Hi Sonya, oh my… I think you might have been confused here. The post there is a clip from a movie that was made in Vancouver. It is of course totally not real. My description even says all that. I hope now understand clearly that it is completely not real you can have a good laugh. cheers and thanks!

  3. it never stops amazing me that BC’ers are so lax about the over due “big earthquake” that has the potential not only to drop the lions gate bridge, but to drop almost every building over 10 metres tall!

  4. Williambilk

    Really enjoyed this article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

  5. I just saw that replayed on tv. I live in Seattle so I’m familiar with the Lions Gate Bridge. It reminded me of the old Galloping Gurney. The first Tacoma Narrows Bridge which collapsed in a windstorm back in the 30s. Fortunately they knew something bad was going to happen by the way she was flopping around so everybody got out of there.

    • Hi Brad from Seattle! Thanks I remember your amazing Tacoma Narrows footage too. So crazy. Luckily our lions gate bridge footage here is not real, but pretty well shot if it were. 😉 Cheers and thanks and enjoy your day. Best of luck from your Canadian friends for an impeachment down there. We are all rooting for you. Cheers!

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