GREAT VORTEX WEBSITES. Waste time in a wonderful way.

1. How Many People Are In Space Right Now?
Ever wonder how many people are exploring the cosmos above at any given moment? WONDER NO LONGER

13. Drench
It is extra fun that there are no real instructions. worth playing with to figure out.

24. Radio Garden
Spin the globe and listen to radio stations from all over the world. Might I suggest Kayseri, Turkey?

2. True size
Put in the name of a country and The True Size will show you exactly how big that country is in comparison to others. It’s fascinating. And, yeah, Alaska is big as hell.
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“If I start RIGHT now, I wonder how long it’ll take for me to watch this entire show.” We’ve all had that thought. Well, think no longer. tells you exactly how long that binge will take. Binge responsibly

4. Wireless Passwords From Airports And Lounges Around The World
Can you guess what this site provides? Never be without wifi while traveling again.

5. Do Nothing for 2 minutes:
Think you can put down your phone and relax for two whole minutes? Give it a try

6. Great Languages
Think you’re good at recognizing languages? Put your ears to the test

28. Music Map
Put in a band or artist you like and Music Map will give you a whole bunch of similar artists. Discovery, it’s a wonderful thing.

7 Flight Radar:
See every plane that’s in the sky at any given anytime. It’s astonishing. TECHNOLOGY!,-103.61/4

8. The Nicest Place On The Internet
Everyday on the internet is like taking a bath big ol’ dumpster. That’s why the Nicest Place On The Internet is so great. In need of a virtual hug? This site has you covered. Try not to get a l’il misty eyed while watching.

9. Is It Dark Outside?
Ever been too lazy to look out the window? Well, this site is for you. No longer will we have to glance to the left or the right

11. You’re Getting Old!
Time, what a concept. This website puts into context exactly how long you’ve been shuffling down this mortal coil — days, minutes, you name it. It’s some fascinating and truly terrifying stuff.

19. Find The Invisible Cow
A fun little time waster that features America’s finest past time: finding invisible cows.

21. GeoGuessr
A fun game that drops you in a random place in the world and makes you try to figure out where you are. Poland really is beautiful.

22. Cost Of Living Comparison
Thinking of moving across the country or even across the world? Find out how much you’re losing on rent and so much more each month with this handy site.

29. PrivNote
Send someone a note that immediately disappears after it’s read. It’s like Snapchat but ON YOUR COMPUTER.

Find out exactly when you should go to sleep to be as well-rested as possible with this website. Sleep better

31. Is it Christmas?
This website is only good one day of the year. It’s perfect. Now Bilingual.

32. This To That
Ever wonder how to glue rubber to leather? Metal to wood? Find out with this handy dandy website

33. The Magic iPod
Mix and match songs from the 2000s to make the ultimate mash-up. It’s like MAGIC.

34. Noisli
Ambient Noise to help you get stuff done.

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