Just saved a life and got hail for it.

Very interesting day…

I went out at 2 pm for an errand run while it was sunny, saved a guy’s life who was ready to jump off a bridge, then kept running to get hailed on so hard that my legs are sore now.

While crossing the Cambie Street Bridge I came upon a young first nations fellow who was over the railing holding on the the wrong side of the bridge. With a heavy coat and backpack that would not have been good if he let go. I didn’t notice the situation till I was right on (since I was running up to it) so pretty much the good fortune of stopping right in front of the guy and just started talking from a couple feet away instead of keeping a 15 foot distance like the two other guys.

The first thing the fellow said to me was “I do believe in the Lord” which in this case may not be a great sign.
I asked if he was ok and he said he was fine. We just kept chatting about the situation and I kept suggesting this side of the railing was safer. After about the sixth time suggesting things were not so bad and he should really come on this side, he did! Just before 5 cops showed up. I hope he is OK. He was a nice mid twenties guy, having some tough issues of course. Two of the cops were sympathetic, which is what this young guy needed. I hope hospital (where they took him) can offer him some help and support.

10 minutes later I kept running into the West End and got hailed on so hard it hurt my legs! I was in shorts (the only fool out there NOT bundled up) so I sure paid a price for that! Crazy that the roads filled with huge pools. I will post a photo later.

What a very interesting day! I came home absolutely soaked but pretty darn happy with how the day unfolded.

No I don’t have photos of the incident… but here are photos of the hail (and one of me totally soaked and red from hail hitting me)!


  1. Bernadette

    Thank you …….sometimes just a little caring and love shown towards another can be what it takes to stand a little taller and go onto tomorrow . Being the best we can be shows to others just how easy it is and good it can feel . It can be intimidating to some but as I get older the more I dont care and want to be nice to my fellow earthlings. When I was a kid and used to bus it back and forth through Richmond. I regularly saw an older woman who was always happy and talketive to others on the bus . Some would talk and some almost repelled at her actions…. I am now turning into that lovely lady on the bus….spreading the smile and good faith that there is still someone out there willing to let you go ahead in the grocery line or share a minute of your time . Thanks for sharing !

  2. and thats why you are awesome my very cool friend, way to go lifesaver….. BIG HUGS!

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