Well it was really tough to get there on my own and the torrential rains and thunder as I arrived posed challenges to get on the wall, but once that stopped, it got nice and I was amazed to find I had about 10 km section of the Great Wall totally to myself for 2 days. Not a soul to be seen. In the photo where you see the run down sentry tower to the left you can see the wall snaking in the back. The middle tower (middle of photo) is the one I slept in.


  1. Great blog William! I’m surprised (?) you don’t have as many comments for these posts! They’re fantastic! I just had to swing by to check out the pictures that spoke about at Langara of spending the night on the Great Wall. Please keep it the stories!

    • Thanks Amy! This is my new website so it has only been up for a short while but I am thrilled to have your comment and hope lots more come. Thanks for your kind words 🙂

      Cheers William!

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