Please promise me you will not go see THE THREE MUSKETEERS! What a horrifyingly stupid movie. The only way to have fun would be to bring a pen and paper and write down all the foolish gaffs they make as the movie drags on. You would have writer’s cramp soon enough, but at least comparing lists might be fun. I will try to keep mental note on director “Paul W.S. Anderson” to never see a film he makes again. The same (and even more so) has to apply to the what-must-be-9-year-old-writers “Alex Litvak” and “Andrew Davies.” Stay in School kids!

Why didnt I read any reviews first!

“Gaudy and Vulgar” – Sacramento news and review.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime fiasco, an epic fail like none we have seen this year, a bad idea by a very bad director and a career-crippling credit for all concerned.” – Orlando Sentinel.

“Every time you think it can’t get any stupider, it gets right up in your face, calls you “bro,” and gets stupider.” – Film.com


  1. ugh….I’m so sorry. As soon as I saw the trailer for this pile called a movie I completely called it. You would have had to bribe me with everest details in order to get me to go see it 😉 And even then, I would have had to think about it!

  2. Go see “The Guard” at Fifth Ave – it will restore your faith in film making (of course, it wasn’t made in Hollywood so that is a good start right there!). Bring your pen & paper and you can track all the wonderfully non-pc comments made 🙂

  3. Ha! Even with “Everest details” you would have been disappointed. Even if it took you to Everest to bribe you to go ee this movie you would have been in a bad deal ;-).

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