This is a photo taken at Critical Massive in Mount Vernon of Ben who made a Grilled Cheese Sandwich Canon. Canadians can wield guns too!

This gun is not lethal, but darn close as when someone shot a full potato from the gun it hit a gal I was chatting with in the leg and will leave a nasty mark. Ouch ouch.

*This photo was taken after all my stuff arrived. I had cycled down 120 km (in 4:06:16 too!!!) and arrived with only:
– passport
– Iphone
– Wallet
– Boxer shorts
– 12 wine gums.

That is it!!! Really. NO shoes even! No food, no place to sleep. Thanks to hospitality of burners, I did find a place to sleep on the first night and had yummy food. I was also was given clothing too and was super lucky that it was so cool. I had a Santa costume with a Cat in the Hat hat… some called me Santa Suess, some called it “where’s Santa (a la Where’s Waldo). Good fun. Thanks to all kind folks who helped out. Photo below by Dave LeClair.

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