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How to reach William Jans

E-mail William now at info{at]wrjphoto(dot}com

2) Phone 604 872 fifty fifty
3) Please contact William for mailing address in Vancouver.

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  1. Is this the guy I met on Sophia and helped hook his trailer?
    My name is Shelby, singer songwriter and you said to contact you, sorry for the late! Didn’t forget 🙂

    • hi hi! Yes you found me! I know you found me by FB too, so I will reply there with my number so you can call me 🙂

  2. William’s show was wonderfully entertaining! A great way to spend an evening. We look forward to attending more of his shows!-Julie and Des

  3. Ronald Smallwood

    any shows coming up in 2020???

    • Not as yet since Covid still, but where are you located? If you are in Vancouver or Sunshine Coast, I have a sign up list on this website so you can be notified when dates announced. Jump on 🙂 Also my youtube Channel (William Jans) will be a notification platform too…. and has some really fun videos now too. thanks!

  4. Chris Jans

    Do you ever have live shows in Toronto or Kitchener/Waterloo?

    • Hi Chris! I love your last name! cool! we are a rare bunch it seems. YES I have done shows in TORONTO before with great success but have not been back in a while. WHEN I get back I will have a few NEW shows (new to Toronto) to consider… A man a Plan Japan, Off the Wall in China, Shadows in Morocco and maybe even a newer one. I hope it is ok, I will put your email address on my list of people to notify when Toronto shows come up next ok. How did you hear about my shows may I ask? cheers William in Vancouver

      • Also, meanwhile feel free to subscribe to my William Jans Youtube Channel if you wish since some very fun travel stuff there as well (and more to come from recent India trip). Thanks and cheers

    • hi there! Love the last name! Cool. Sorry no k/w as yet (but possible). If you might like to be notified of Toronto shows, could that be “close enough” to consider driving? Cheers William. Thanks!

  5. Aline LaFlamme

    Greetings, we met at the London Drugs elevator today. What fun! Enjoy your travels. It was a lovely heart-to-heart encounter. We must be kindred spirits. Smiles and hugs, Aline LaFlamme

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