Crazy shoot day. I did a shoot of a hybrid vehicle with Olympic 2010 Logos on it. Needed to be shot today (Friday) and final file required in Toronto on Monday ideally. Plus the file needed to be huge. This would be used on a billboard kind of display inside a sports venue where it would be seen up close as well. The final file went out at 1.2 gigabytes. That is really gig… 96 inches (8 feet) at 300 dpi. I shot it in parts to ensure I would have huge amount of information there. FYI you will see that the close up section of part of the license plate holds up well enough that you can see the 5 olympic rings that are only about ¾ inch tall.

The same day I had to do an aerial photo that not only required the door off but needed me to hang out and point downwards to get a certain angle for some photos. I had be able to shoot downwards without the skids being in the shot. As it turned out, sitting outside of the door with my feet on the skids was more practical, but this leaning out photo (which was tried) looks much more interesting.

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