Hey wow. Just found this on my computer… This is me in my Utilikilt working on the computer inside of my tent at Burning Man a few years ago. That dust you see on my feet and kilt and computer is… well… everywhere! It is so highly alkali too that many creative sorts have an array of treatment recipes to stop feet from cracking. As I recall Vinegar worked well.

I could post an array of images, but you will have no trouble finding a million on the web already. I will just keep this post simple for now with my dusty little image of an outrageous festival.

This photo was taken about 3 am, and as I recall it was about an hour later when I was awoken by a guy on a bullhorn on a pirate ship (yes a giant pirate ship “driving” through the desert) waking everyone looking for “Doug” to come party with them. I think this was the year when I saw Santa Claus on a giant walking spider too. Oh, the memories.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE and best wishes for a pleasant and healthy 2013!


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