Seva (based in Vancouver) is a wonderful group that helps subsidize Cataract Surgeries for countless Tibetans (and people all over the world). I was lucky to get to Kangding to see this great hospital in action. I had planned to cover the cost of one person’s surgery, but after meeting these three sisters who travelled THREE DAYS to cover the 1200 KMS to get here, I felt compelled to pay for all three. Best money I have ever spent. Not often you can say you really got to change someone’s life with just a few dollars. Amazing experience.

Here is a link for SEVA if you might wish to find out more or helpout:

Three sisters – all whom have cataracts. The sister closest to me could only recognize a pen light when waved in front of her eyes and could not even see fingers.

That is a cataract visible in ZHUO DUO’s eye

Despite being normally squeamish about anything to with eyes, I found watching the surgeries both compelling and fascinating.

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