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Coffee Table of POWER!! – $45

Date: 2009-09-23, 7:28PM MST

This is not A table. This is THE table! It has been said (by me) that the table may contain magical powers and was probably blessed by a genie before it left the factory. You can see its amazingness just by looking at its mystical lemon shape (some say more trapezoidal). What does it mean!? Only the wise may know its true greatness. The table will make your dreams come true! The table knows all! The table can see into your mind! The table can see into your soul!
THE GOOD: Because of its unique shape, the table has a lot of surface area without taking up a lot of room and it can fit into some unusual spaces. It is made of very solid glass and can fit in with almost any decor scheme, whether it be casual, modern, elegant, or zombie. There is space between the legs at the bottom so you can put stuff underneath if you want. If you have a cat they can crawl under there and feel like they are hiding, but you can stare at them creepily from the top.
THE BAD: Bad like Michael Jackson!
THE UGLY: It has a chip in one of its legs (probably caused by something cool like a sword fight or ninjas), however it is not super noticeable because of its design. It would be perfect if you want to annoy someone who is super OCD and notices little details. Then the chip would be laughing at them, mocking, glaring in their face! See? The chip in itself has powers.
How can you afford NOT to buy this? Please contact if you are interested and we will set up a time for you to come and bask in the glory of the table. The glass is very solid and heavy, so you will probably want to bring an extra set of hands along (preferably attached to a person) to help move it. And keep in mind that it is glass, so bring your magic carpet, or at least make sure your car or truck is well padded for the ride home. Asking $45 OBO.

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