Ok, maybe 12 minutes. but totally amazing. These sisters had cataracts in both eyes and this is what they travelled 3 days (1200 km) for. Surgery on the first eye. Fascinating procedure and I was lucky to be witness to it all while in Kangding.

A weight is placed on the eye before surgery – I think to help freezing work best.

Me in surgery. Moving delicately. This is precise work.

Recovery is fast and she will be able to see immediately when patch removed in the morning That is a great “reveal” to witness! – Seeing someone regain their vision after many years is pretty powerful stuff!

This group of 17 was brought in on a Seva Provided bus and were pretty excited about arriving!


  1. WynWyn Images

    William you are "above and beyond" – I have seen all of your shows and am a TOTAL FAN! Thank you for showing us the possibilities!

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