There are two facets to William’s work:

Photography & Travel Shows…


William Jans is a Vancouver based corporate photographer creating images for clients throughout Canada for 25 years. He has been commissioned to photograph a variety of famous faces and was fortunate to be one of the three official photographers for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama while he was in Vancouver for three days.
Though William specializes in people photography, he has done extensive aerial photography and innumerable events ranging from corporate functions to Gala Evenings. The cranes on the ship images was used 25 feet wide in the CANADA PAVILLION AT THE BEIJING OLYMPICS. WRJ Photo can create from concept to final product. William works mostly in Western Canada (B.C. and Alberta), but has clients worldwide. William is presently dabbling in eleven languages.



A Passion for adventure travel and photography has led William to host LIVE presentations about his absurd travels. These shows have garnered great reviews on three Cross-Canada tours (selling out an 850 seat theatre FIFTEEN times in Vancouver alone). Response from media and audience alike has been overwhelming. Some have dubbed this a “West-Coast Phenomenon” and called the shows “virtually interactive.”

(As written by Christian Jensen, travel writer): Energetic, charismatic, intelligent and down right funny-these are just a few of the qualities that describe William Jans. In addition to being a compulsively watchable figure, Jans is also a widely acclaimed photographer. William’s live slide and video shows have become a Canadian phenomenon, touring major centres across the nation and drawing sell out crowds. Jans’ personal wit and charisma are matched only by his photographic skill and his almost uncanny ability to set his subjects at ease – resulting in startlingly honest and unguarded portraits of our world’s peoples.


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  1. Denise Drinkwalter

    Would you ever come to Ontario – southwestern Ontario and do some shows? Heard you on Career Joy and we would love to see your work!

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