Thanks for purchasing tickets to a William Jans Travel show!

1) You will receive an email from paypal that provides details on the purchase you just made. It might have arrived at the same time you see this as a matter of fact. Please Print that email (first page is usually fine) and bring it to show to trade in for your tickets on show night. *Tickets do not get mailed*

2) You may wish to go back to the tickets page to see directions maps

3) Tickets are non refundable.

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  1. Liessi from BC

    Hi Will! Liessi here. I swear, I signed up for two tickets but when i got to the PayPal screen, it charged me for one. I’m going to buy another ticket but I thought you might want to know in case there’s a glitch in there somewhere. If you need any help the night of, I’d be glad to assist (you already know I can work a door!) Cheers!

  2. Tom Gibson

    Same thing happened to me. I am sure I selected 2 tickets, but when I read Liesse’s comment above I checked and found that I had only been charged for one ticket. So went in and bought another.

  3. Gordon P Bailey

    Same as Liessi signed up for two gave me one, exited system tried a 2nd time and it accepted 2 tickets.

  4. The same thing initially happened to me when I clicked to purchase through your email. So I exited PayPay and went to your website & purchased two tickets through there no problem. So perhaps the glitch might be due to something when clicking on your link that you sent via email?

  5. Andrew Dobrzanski

    Bought 2 tickets but only billed for 1? Will buy another

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