Wow, what a great fun crowd. I had such a good time and was so utterly flattered that NO ONE LEFT after it ended. Everyone wanted to stay for a few questions. That was sooooo nice. Thanks everyone. I posted a bunch of photos on my facebook liveshow site. and here are a couple good ones below.

I also wanted to add this wonderful note that came in at the bottom of the page too 🙂




“Thank you William for such wonderful evening – my husband was a little sceptical about coming as he is a triathlete constantly challenging himself with his next race venture. When he was like 39 he decided that before he hit 40 he wanted to do an Ironman race…he had always like doing different challenges but an Ironman was a big one…so his very first race 6 months later was a half Ironman in Osoyoos…since then almost 8 years ago he has completed about 30 races – 5 Ironman’s and I think about 15 halves or 70.3 and several Olympic size races from San Francisco to Long Island New York…he is full of energy and needs to have a challenge to set a goal. Sooooo he was like who is this guy and what is this evening supposed to be about??? He was blown away with the stories of your “challenges” – thank you again for a great evening..a reminder of simply LIVING life!

He has a question or two…how long did this journey take you;
– How much did it cost – approx;
– How much did the 3 sisters “gift of sight” cost; (you made us cry with that story);
– Are you going solo in May back to the Great Wall of China.
– Our hats off to you – we are looking forward to another evening with you!” (LL and R, Surrey BC)


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