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(3) William’s 3rd Show – TREKKING IN TIBET is a live multimedia adventure through Laos, Southern China and Mystical Tibet. Journeys on the roof of the world’ include a pilgrimage around sacred Mount Kailash, and a trip up to 6500 meters on Mount EVEREST! This LIVE show has played to thousands of Canadians across the country. Come see why there have been over 15 sold out shows!

CLIP: A less than thrilled trekker.


The LIVE show is very tightly edited and includes costumes, video, story telling and some interactivity. Here are just a few simple stills to whet your appetite.


“A one of a kind show – Jans is a hilarious storyteller and shows spectacular images”

(Georgia Straight)

“An absolute must see!”

(Edmonton Journal)

“Very insightful and provocative”

(Ottawa Citizen)

“What a great show! Beautiful photographs, video montages and music! “

(CKNW AM980, Vancouver)

On the fence? The comments below may give you an idea why do people line up 800 deep in the rain to see these fun shows…


“Your show last night was not only inspirational to me, but also to my 7 year old daughter Nicole, who sat mesmerized for the show. It’s quite a feat for anyone to retain the attention of a young child for so long. The really great part about the evening for me was that my daughter ‘got it’. Your portrayals are so vivid and colourful, not only were we able to imagine the tastes and smells of the moment, but to actually feel some of the emotion and importance of how these journeys have had such an impact upon your life. After returning home last night, Nicole sat on the edge of our bed trying to portray to my husband the images and stories which are swimming through her mind. “It was one of the best ‘one on one’ nights I’ve had with Nicole, even though we were surrounded by 800 people” (Mary Hansen, SURREY, BC)

“ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! I have never seen anything quite like it. …. the show is by no means “preachy” at all and lets you make your own conclusions but it leaves you with sense of inspiration and has an undertone of subtle life lessons on ‘letting go’ and living life bold.” (Sheldon Lyttle, RICHMOND, BC)

“The most inspiring night I’ve had in years!” (Julie Hazekamp, OTTAWA ONTARIO)

“A thoroughly engaging and exquisitely choreographed multi-media extravaganza! A masterful menu of photos, video, and music – in addition to an infectiously compelling running commentary. Two thumbs way up!” (Bill Nevison BT Producer, CITY TV VANCOUVER)

“Your show not only vastly exceeded my expectations, it was a soul-enriching experience that affected me deeply. I will carry it with me for a long time. The show was, of course, visually stunning and highly entertaining. You are an exceptional photographer, and your humorous, informal, energetic, and down-to-earth style makes the hours simply fly by!! Your genuine appreciation of people, humour and “for the absurd” – without a trace of superciliousness – is a true gift of the spirit. Most importantly (for me), your show helped to re-affirm some of my personal priorities in life, it cemented some of my deeply held convictions, and it reminded me of the inherent beauty of our fragile, complex and often conflicted humanity. – – – Your genuine love of people is evident not only to us, your viewers, but also to the people you met in your travels. YOU brought out the wonderfully humane expressions in those unforgettable images! – – – I am proud of (and reassured by) having you as our ambassador in those remote parts of the world. PLEASE keep it up, William!!!!! PS: Where might I get one of those eminently ‘exist’entialist “EXIST” magnets?!!! (You ran out last night).”(Pierre Tanguay, VANCOUVER, BC)

“A one of a kind show – Jans is a hilarious storyteller and shows spectacular images” (Carolyn Ali, Writer, GEORGIA STRAIGHT VANCOUVER)

“Thanks for an amazing experience & for sharing your energy & passion.” (Andrew Balfour, OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

“Very Insightful and Provocative” (Justin Brake, OTTAWA CITIZEN)

“A Truly Inspirational show. Thanks for a special and moving evening!” (Ian Cheung, TORONTO, ONTARIO)

“6 of us saw TREKKING IN TIBET last night. We all appreciated it immensely. Your presentation gave us a virtual approach from the North. We all agreed that, despite the spectacular scenery, the pictures of people were the most special. My son got four fridge magnets, including the snot-nosed kid, his all-time favourite (he’s weird in other ways also). I believe we submitted this email with our draw ticket, but please check, and make sure we are on your email list. Thanks again.” (Stephen, Laurie and Bruce Hardy – Victoria B.C.)

“Loved the show. The pictures of local people are fabulous and moving and the stories are a hoot. The show captures the spirit and the delightfully disorganized chaos of life on the road. An absolute must for travel addicts.” (Tom Barrett, Writer, EDMONTON JOURNAL)

“Thanks for putting on such a great presentation. A very interesting, entertaining, fun, informative, and inspiring evening. In ‘trekking’ back to Mississauga via public transportation I collided with the Shania Twain concert goers and I did my best to convince them that they made the wrong choice of venue for a great evening out!” (Drew McVeigh, TORONTO, ONTARIO)

“Saw your show on Thursday and was astounded. I knew you were a photographer but that’s about it. Your work was gorgeous but what impressed me most was the amazing passion and joy you inject into it. I’m hoping to see Top of the World next week – and bring a few friends. Take care, and thanks again for the amazing experience.” (Jeff Fisher, VANCOUVER, BC)

“What a great show! Through your beautiful photographs, video montages and music, you drew me and the rest of the audience right into your travels; and what travels they were!” (Sam Charles, Producer, CKNW AM980, VANCOUVER)

“Thanks a bunch for an awe inspiring “Trek in Tibet” on Wednesday night…we enjoyed every minute…you’re a great story-teller and your photos are simply AWESOME!!! “Many years ago”, I lived and nursed in a Tibetan refugee camp in Dharmsala in northern India. I was delighted to be back with the wonderful Tibetan people again, if only for a couple of hours. Needless to say, we’ll be back again next week to accompany you to India and Nepal….can’t wait!!” (Judy Filler, OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

(as emailed from Vancouver person to Ottawa people). “Subject: If you have not seen this guy – when he comes to Ottawa – GO!!! Hey Gang: For the trekker, environmentalist, peace keeper, adventurer, life lover…. http://www.wrjphoto.com. It’s the best money you have ever spent – his shows make the Banff Mountain Film Fest look like a walk in your back yard! Wow! Just finished seeing his Treking in Tibet – he actually narrates and guides you through 2 hours of travel – with artifacts, prizes, quotes, live footage, still photo’s – that will leave you laughing, crying and ashamed – almost as good as being there – really!! Don’t miss him – I almost did. Cheers.”(Troy Glasner Vancouver BC)

“I had the pleasure of seeing William’s excellent presentation, “Solo in South America ”. He succeeds masterfully in weaving together elements of travel, history, culture and the environment with his own sense of humour and costume to create a stunning feel for the real fabric of life in the places he visits. Highly recommended.” (Richard Ireland, Mayor, Jasper AB)

“I’m so glad that you came to Calgary – your photos are breathtakingly beautiful, and your delivery is a treat. Hope you can make it out here again – promise to round up a crowd to come share the experience.” (Kim Cameron, Calgary)

“It was a great experience for my wife and myself to see your two shows in Toronto. Yes, we had to come back for the second one! Your mixture of commentary stills and video plus your inimitable humour were so entertaining. We looked at our own slide shows in the light of yours and realized ours were completely BORING. Great slides but BORING. Need to do something about it. Thanks and keep up the good work. We will come to your next shows in Toronto, whatever they are and encourage our friends to do the same.” (Jonathan Ward Photography, TORONTO ONTARIO)

“Informative, entertaining, inspiring and touching” (Donna Chan, Vancouver BC)

“Your show was fantastic. The pictures were amazing and you did a great job of making the audience feel like they were there with you.” Cheers,(Josh Orzech, TORONTO ONTARIO)

– Thanks again for last night’s brilliant presentation. Your heartful, insightful and humorous narrative and really wondrous photos and video made it an inspiring evening. You are a great raconteur! I wish that I could be in town for Wednesday’s show, but I will pass the word to all of my friends here to get over and see you.  (Robert McQueen, TORONTO (and Vancouver)

– Great show last friday, as always… Good to see it again and inspiring too. As we drove back to Victoria I realized it was my 4th time seeing it! Twice in Vancouver, once in Victoria, and now in Nanaimo…I think you have a William Groupie on your hands! I’m pretty sure we’ll be back for next friday’s show too, Jillian is pretty hooked on them now. Thanks again for a great time. You never dissapoint! (Chris Martin, VICTORIA BC)

– My face hurts from smiling!! Thank you for a beautiful presentation & representation of the people you met & places you saw… I Was very touched by some images as well, especially… the children with their cans on strings – and the joy in their faces – and the singing roof-tampers – and the beauty in their voices. Thanks again (Anni Ellison, VANCOUVER, BC)

– Thanks for YOUR enthusiasm. Your warmth and openness to new people and new experience are truly inspiring…you have a real gift for connecting with people, and the mutual respect in your interactions was very evident. Happy travels (parasite-free?!) and thanks again. (Lynn Chiarelli, OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

– I wanted to email you and thank you for bringing your incredible presentation on Tibet to Toronto. I thought it was absolutely wonderful and thoroughly enjoyed it. I did a large study on Tibet in university last year and it meant a lot to see your pictures and presentation on it. I would love for you to come back with more of your presentations in the future. They’re fascinating! Thanks again for sharing this with all of us. (Alanna Fitzgerald Husek TORONTO ONTARIO)

– I read once that art should be “beautiful and sad and funny and true” in my mind that sums up your shows… it was fantastic. thanks again for coming back to Toronto! (Ewa Cuik, TORONTO, ONTARIO)

– Thanks again for last night’s brilliant presentation. Your heartfelt, insightful and humorous narrative and really wondrous photos and video made it an inspiring evening. You are a great raconteur! I wish that I could be in town for Wednesday’s show, but I will pass the word to all of my friends here to get over and see you. As I mentioned I will be heading away to Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam and last night whetted my appetite to GET ON THAT PLANE!!! The Mt Kailash stone it will be great to have as a traveling talisman. I don’t think I have ever had my name pulled on a draw and that alone warmed my heart and provided a positive signpost for my upcoming adventure!! Thanks again William. Namaste.  (Robert McQueen, TORONTO / VANCOUVER)

“Thank you William!! Tears came to my eyes last night as I got to experience through your expressive and humble dialogue, not to mention your brilliant camera work, the wonderful time you had in Nepal, and in turn how my whole experience came rushing back to me.William, it is obvious, as Catherine and I discussed all the way home, that you have a rare gift of being with the people, of immersing yourself into their experience, learning the language, being genuine, and respecting their reality, understanding their day to day struggles and their day to day joys.There wasn’t one person in the audience who wasn’t moved by your gentle nature and talent for capturing the moment and bringing out the best in people. The show was fantastic and obviously took a great deal of hard work to program and tweek it to perfection. The best travel show I have ever seen. (Nathen Shandler, VANCOUVER, BC)

– Fantastic show, by the way and will recommend it to many people. (Stephanie Weakley, OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

– This is Kiriko. I enjoyed your show of Latin America a lot and I wish I could see the other show of Trecking Tibbet before I go back to Japan . Well, please have a show in Japan one day…. Oh, I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Dalai Blama, too. Thank you again. I assume your fame will be global before long. Arigatou, Sayonara (Kiriko, Japan)

“Loved it!!” (Potkonjak Milena, Vancouver)

“My family and I were fortunate to attend last night’s viewing of Trekking in Tibet. We also enjoyed your Tales from Tanzania show. We just returned from Africa ourselves! We look forward to attending more of your shows and bringing more friends.” (Stewart D. Hayashi
, Vancouver)

“The shows were truly GREAT! And I’m utterly jealous of the quantity of fantastic images you have of the places you’ve been. I think you have an incredible gift of communicating through your images the essence and “heart and soul” of the places you’ve been. I’m just starting out in photography as a serious hobby and one day I hope to be able to nail pictures of the same quality as yours.” (Deb Charnuski, CALGARY, ALBERTA)

– I attended both of the shows that you did in Toronto over the past two weeks and wanted to say that you rock! I love adventure racing/touring and have read quite a bit about climbs that have taken people to Mount Everest in particular, so seeing your shows was amazing in terms of bringing it all to life. You are a very good presenter and help the audience feel like they are standing right beside you while you are going through each environment.


– I want to express my admiration and acknowledge your achievement in your presentation of ‘Trekking in Tibet.’ It was well done and the photos are excellent. You obviously have done your homework and I was also impressed with your sensitivity and compassion with the people your met. If I were 30 years younger I would have asked to join you in your next trip! Bravo. (David Yeung, VANCOUVER, BC)

– Thank you for a great show in Edmonton last night. Thank you for your infectious enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing your stories and your photographs. Thank you for all the time and effort that went into putting such a presentation together. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Nights out by ourselves are very precious to us. We have a three year old and a newborn and we don’t like to impose on my wife’s parents to babysit too often. We really pick and choose what we are going to do on our dates. I’m glad we picked your show. You hit the bullseye on a number of levels with us: the joy of travel, the joy of photography, Snickers bars, and music. I will definitely tell my sister and brother in law who live in Toronto about the show. We had a blast! (Pete Carroll, EDMONTON ALBERTA)

– I really enjoyed your captivating images and adventurous stories. You have a very unique perspective of respect, culture and life and I was impressed by your energetic presenting style. I look forward to hearing more. Sincerely inspired, (Shelley, TORONTO ONTARIO)

– I applaud you for bringing your fabulous show (Trekking in Tibet) to Nanaimo. Smaller cities like ours appreciate your consideration, especially when you could have chosen to hit the big American cities first. In fact, I encourage you to keep your presentations within Canada as they are so fantastic that people will travel here just to see them! I was quite amazed how you conveyed such a range of emotions through your honest and engaging story-telling. Your experiences shocked and delighted me. It was also refreshing to learn about things that never make it to the popular media. While your images were superb, it was definitely YOU that made the show a great experience for everyone. And in the end, your sage advice to “Be Nice” wherever we go confirmed the secret to any traveller’s success. Cheers. (Rowan Haigh, Nanaimo, BC)

– I was deeply touched by the respect your insight into worlds outside of our own was captured through a camera lens. Next time you are in town I will put aside the necessary number of days to see all your presentations. Thank you for capturing the beauty in life for us to feel. (Angela Wielobob, EDMONTON ALBERTA)

– I went to you show last night and really found it excellent. I loved your photography and your story telling was inspiring. You are an excellent presenter and I’ll be rushing back to see more. I just moved to Toronto recently from San Francisco (originally from Ireland). But I really think that you would have an excellent time in the Bay Area telling your stories and showing your pictures. There are a lot of adventurers (not to mention people who went to/go to Burning Man), and I think all of your shows would do really well there. (Fiona Byrne, TORONTO, ONTARIO)

– Tashi Delek! It was a great show last week on Trekking in Tibet. The way you narrated the trouble in Tibet under china made me quite sad abut my people but the humour kept my spirits up. In Toronto there are around 2000 Tibetans and I was wandering if we could organize a show to the Tibetan community. It would bring a lighter side of Tibet and make some people happy because we are mostly newly arrived refugees. I am a student at York University and if you have the time we could organize the show with the Tibetan committee in Canada. Tashi Delek (Tenzing Dekyikhangsar TORONTO ONTARIO)

– Great job. Thank you (Edit Szocs, TORONTO ONTARIO)

– What a truly inspiring night. It was awesome seeing a normal ordinary guy like us, trekking in the most beautiful place in the world. It gives us hope that we can do it too. I truly hope you will come back to Ottawa soon. (Toronto or Montreal is fine too, we would go there just to see you again!) (Marie-Helene and Patrice Marcoux, OTTAWA ONTARIO)

– I enjoyed both shows in Ottawa (April 2 & 9). At this point, I’ve no idea what I’ll do next Wednesday night… nothing I can think of will top your two presentations.” (Jean-Marc Dube, OTTAWA, ONTARIO)

– We live in San Francisco, but my husband is from Vancouver. His friend has been to your shows and HIGHLY recommends them. Please let us know of any Vancouver shows in 2003 so we can try to schedule a visit Or, if you ever come to SAN FRANCISCO, that would be even better. Keep up the good work, (Kimberly, SAN FRANCISCO)

– I was in attendance at your show last night in toronto and wanted to pass along my accolades. it was an amazing show that got my wanderlust bubbling once again. t was sheer luck that i was able to attend as i actually live and work in taiwan and have traveled (however briefly) in vietnam, but have been home for the past few weeks pondering my future travels. I want to thank you for generating ideas for further trips and tips on photography. Rest assured i will be in the audience next week when you do your “Top of the World” show. and if you ever need a yes man assistant on one of your treks….(Ryan St.Onge, TAIWAN and TORONTO)

– Great Presentation! (Milan Kolarik, TORONTO ONTARIO)

– I really enjoyed your captivating images and adventurous stories. You have a very unique perspective of respect, culture and life and I was impressed by your energetic presenting style. I look forward to hearing more. Sincerely inspired, (Shelley, TORONTO)

– Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation of Trekking in Tibet last Thursday. I am a modern dance choreographer with classical Chinese and ethnic folk dance background. I was excited to see the stamping Tibetan roofers. I am the founder of Wu Ming Dance Project – a small modern dance organization interested in presenting modern dance with Asian themes and philosophy.(Jeffrey Chan, TORONTO ONTARIO)

– I’m from Toronto and saw your show on ‘Trekking in Tibet” in 2006. It was absolutely awesome!!! So inspirational!! I’ve noticed that most of your shows dates are in the West Coast this Fall. I realize that it’s probably more difficult to sell-out venues in here “The Centre of the Universe” heehee…. but you do still have quite a large following here. Is there are chance that you’ll be coming back to Toronto for some screenings in the near future? (Chloe Bennett, TORONTO ONTARIO)

” Just wanted to express how nice it was to see the Tibet show once more. It struck me all over again how the spirit of Tibet and it’s people shines through on film. I really noticed a difference in the photography and quality of light between the first and second parts of the show. The inner beauty of the poeple and the depth of the place is so evident in your imagery. Thank you for taking me on the journey again. I haven’t seen Tanzania yet, but this show remains my favourite so far.”(Melanie Bitner, Brackendale)

– I want to thank you for taking us on your trip to Tibet! The sights and sounds were extraordinary from the opening harmonic chanting of the lamas, the incredible sweeping panoramas, down to the flavor of the local cultures, and your insightful respect for their customs, all handled with amazing energy and humor! It was next best to being there. It was a marvellous, marvellous evening! (Barbara Seifred (Jack Velvet’s Mom!, Vancouver)



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