(2) BURMA BOUND (via Vietnam)


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William’s 2nd show “Burma Bound (via Vietnam)” includes crazy adventures in Vietnam, Cambodia and Beautiful Burma. We start in Hanoi for the Marathon, head north to visit hill tribes, then meander down to Saigon. After a short stint in Cambodia’s capital, it is off to visit fascinating Burma to meet very friendly people living daily life amidst some challenges. Another intriguing show filled with stories, absurdities and the joy of travelling and meeting wonderful people. Plus you will see and hear about the political challenges locals have to live with.

CLIP: Horrible trains?

This clip shows how absurd train travel can be in some places…


The LIVE show is very tightly edited and includes costumes, video, story telling and some interactivity. Here are just a few simple stills to whet your appetite.

“Fantastic, can’t wait for more .”

(Natalie, Victoria)

“Awesome Show “

(Sharon, Nanaimo)

“Wonderful Presentation”

(Lea, Victoria)

On the fence? The comments below may give you an idea why do people line up 800 deep in the rain to see these fun shows…


“Awesome show- I REALLY enjoyed it! ….the feedback I heard from the rest of the audience was great!” (Rebecca Kirstein, Victoria)

“Wow, Burma Bound was spectacular! Rachel and I just LOVED it and we’re looking forward to Trekking in Tibet at the Rio — love the refurbished theatre! A great venue for shows of such calibre.” (Anitra Singh, Vancouver)

“Another Great Show Mr. Jans” (Jeffrey Fisher, Vancouver)

“I loved your show the other night and and was totally inspired by it, especially sitting amongst a class of photo journalist students. I hope that you can come speak to our class. That would be awesome!(Shelley Lipke, Victoria) – Burma Bound was an awesome show…you bring parts of the world, as I DON’T know it, to my doorstep! You capture the true essence of life as the locals know it by ‘diving’ into their culture. That’s what bring your shows to life!!! I’ll look forward to being posted on your next showings.” (Sharon Nesvog, Nanaimo)

“I was at your Victoria showing of “Burma Bound” last night and thought it was fantastic. This was the first of your shows that I have seen and can’t wait untill you come back to Victoria for another.” (Natalie Bayfield, Victoria)

“What a wonderful presentation you did last night in Victoria. I saw you when you were here in Jan/06, Travelling to Tibet, and was equally thrilled with the beauty and composition of your photography. I brought two people with me and they too enjoyed it so much. By the way one of my favourite photographs is the Blue Footed Booby looking directly into the camera and it was a real treat to get the Christmas Greeting with him wearing the Santa hat! Picked up 4 magnets (plus the one you gave me from the draw) and had to have that that little guy for my desk as it makes me smile. Looking forward to the Africa adventure! Thanks again. Lea Simpson Victoria” (Lea Simpson, Victoria)

“Enjoyed BURMA BOUND last night.Thank you. Keep up the good work-if nothing else-opening our eyes to how the rest of the world lives,when we can’t get there ourselves! We are now looking forward to Tanzania…….” (P&P Saunderson, Vancouver)

“I just came back form your show in Nanaimo about Burma, I really enjoyed it and hope to be able to enjoy more of your shows. In my opinion you have a great job and you do a professional job of putting on a show. (I was a stage manager for 20 years) Hope to see you in the future please keep me informed when you come over next time!” (Bruce Milks. Nanaimo)

“You bet I enjoyed your presentation and will be back to travel with you to S. America. As a matter of fact I don’t have the words to describe how much I enjoyed it and how much I envy you your lifestyle. You are who I always wanted to be.. At the end of the show I wanted to ask you how a person can become you.. How did you start? What was your first trip and when it became more than just a private excursion? Your photos are terrific, the movies are breathtaking and the commentary very engaging. Are you doing this all by yourself? If so, then you are a very talented person. I am spreading the word and will hopefully gather a bigger group this time. Will all go and have fun watching your steps in S. America. I wish you have a lot of great adventures in the future and you never stop sharing them with us. Thanks for being insanely crazy! P.S. I am still hoping I could one day follow your steps.” (Barb J, Vancouver BC)

“Loved William Jans shows in Nanaimo, while I lived out on the island. I’m now living back in Ontario. (Orillia – 1 hr. 20 min. north of Toronto). PLEASE tell me if and when we can see William in Ontario!”

“Absolutely loved the presentation and William, well, William is just plain dynamite!!!!” Please keep us informed. (Jane Waters)

“My husband and I LOVE your shows, we’ve been to a couple of them already. You ROCK!
 see you on Oct 14!”
 (Carol Sliziak, Burnaby, BC)


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