William’s live travel shows have been seen by over 80,000 Canadians thus far. Streaming options coming soon!


  1. Loved these shows. Streaming will be good but nothing like the interaction of a live show!

    • Hello Kara! How kind of you. thanks. I will ensure to add your email address to the list of people to notify when I next do a live show (newest is Morocco that I am working on now), but can you remind me what city you are in? Cheers. Also curious which shows you may have seen too!? Thanks William

  2. Chris Okabe

    Hey Bill,
    Would love to be notified of any upcoming Van shows!
    -Chris (McNair)

    • Hi Chris! Nice to hear from you and good timing. NEW Morocco show in the works. Please feel free to jump on my YOUTUBE channel (williamjans) and Instagram (williamjans) as that will be a way I notify too, but I will take your email here and put it on the list of people to notify. that is always tricky due to spam filters and algorithms so the doubling up will help. Shows should be FEB MAR 2019 and I will likely re host JAPAN show and or CHINA show too. xoxox and thanks!

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