GOOGLE CAT! Google Street view mistake creates a new species

What a hoot. this apparently happened yesterday (May 6). I would love to find out the coordinates to see where, but maybe that is not posted to avoid alerting Google Street views to fix it. I support that idea… This is spacey, hip and cool! I want a cat like that! I think the cat looks like a Dr. Suess Character!

You can also see some fun garage sale warriors bowing for google cam….

** Since I was asked by a couple people who didnt get how this works… I added a full explanation below..


Here is what is going on if this makes no sense to you:
1) Google maps has a feature on their site where you can see stores, homes etc as you navigate along a map. it is great way to really see what is at a given corner instead of seeing just an aerial drawn map. 2) To do this, they have cars driving around that have these multi camera rigs on the roof that shoot photos at the same time and then computers stitch them together to make the photo map work, but it is not perfect (nor could it be in light of it not being film). Sooooo some things get truncated or blended at edge points on the stills. This likely happened when one camera shot the front of the cat and another shot the back and it assembled funny. I hope that make sense now?

IF YOU want to see what one of the rigs looks like, watch my running the Grand Canyon video and you will see one since in that I speak of the google guys who were carrying a version on their back. the link is here: http://www.wrjphoto.com/enews/enews-15/

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